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Info Sharing : Khind-Mistral Customer Care Centre - Repair for a faulty Mistral Antique Stand Fan

This is a post about my experience of sending my faulty Mistral Antique Stand Fan for repair at Khind-Mistral Customer Care Centre, Bukit Jelutong, Shah Alam.

We bought this Mistral Antique Stand Fan on September 2013 from Harvey Norman and it was malfunction after we move house - the stand fan's motor is too weak to spin the blades. I approach a nearby Harvey Norman branch for the faulty issue. Since warranty from Harvey Norman was only 1 year and it is over, Harvey Norman staff gave me Khind-Mistral Customer Care Centre address and contact number, where I need to contact them and send it over for repair by myself. ,
I give a call to Khind-Mistral Customer Care Centre before I send the standing over for repair. The friendly staff who answer the call told me to bring along the warranty card. I misplace the warranty card but I still kept the proof of purchase, they accept that as well. There is a serial number sticker on the fan where they can identify the product too.   
The Khind…

Renewing Malaysia Passport in Kuala Lumpur

I just recently renew my passport before my trip to Busan. It's my first time renew my passport here in Kuala Lumpur. I would say I am amazed by the tremendous change and fast service by the immigration in renewal process compare to what I have experience in the past. Thumbs up for the good job! Besides that, nothing happier than found out that there is one passport office few kilometer away from my house. The government building (complex) is new and abundant parking space available (Free of charge).

So, what are the New Changes? 
No need to filled form anymore (I'm referring to passport renewal process here) No more passport size photo needed - digital photo will be taken on the spot.Passport renewal fee reduced to RM200 for 5 years period w.e.f 15 January 2015 (with the reduction of the five-year passport fees, the two-year passport is not available anymore). New Passport can be collected within an hour or two on the same day.

The Process: 

1. Take Queue Number - The counter off…

Busan, GyungJu Park-Ga Gukbap (Yeonsan Branch) | 부산 연제구 경주박가국밥 (연산점)

Our first dinner in Busan. My brother in law Albong (his nickname) bought us here 경주박가국밥 (GyungJu Park-Ga Gukbap) for dinner, around 6-10 mins walking distance from our house. Come to Busan, how can I miss the Busan delicacy Dweji Gukbap? However husband is craving for his Soondae! So my brother in law think of this Gukbap-Jib that he personally like it very much which can satisfy both of our craving in one dish - 순대버섯전골 (Soondae Bossot Jonggol). 
순대버섯전골 Soondae Bossot Jonggol Assorted Mushrooms (Enoki mushrooms & oyster mushroom), soondae (sticky rice and glass noodle stuffed in pig intestine), pork belly slices, chopped cabbage, carrot, leeks and green onions, and some marinate paste and pork bone brooth served in hot pot!

Side dishes that served along with the Bossot Soondae Jonggol is green chilli, onion slice, garlic slice, ssamjang (for the wraps),  kimchi, fresh chives and special dipping sauce for the pork slice from the gukbap!
We first have some udon-noodle as our round…

Busan, Gupo Market | 구포 시장

We just recently came back from Busan. It's early Autumn so the temperature is at a very comfort level. Not too hot also not too cold. Day time the temperature is around 22 Celsius, just wear our normal summer outfit and add a thin cardigan is good enough as day time when the sun is up, it can be a little warm if dress too thick. Night time temperature will drop till 14 Celsius, a slightly thick Jacket or hoodie is necessary. Early morning can be a little bit chilly but once the sun is rise, the temperature will rise too. 
Our first stop in Busan after arrived Gimhae International Airport is Gupo Sijang.  This market is a five-days large-scale traditional market, extending from Gupo train station through Deokcheon Junction. 

We park our vehicle at a carpark nearby and walk to Gupo Sijang. While waiting for the pedestrian's traffic light turns green, from opposite of the road we can see Gupo Sijang pack with peoples. This is the main gate of Gupo Sijang. There are also other gat…