Man-nun Ganjang | 만능간장 | All Purpose Soya Sauce | 万能酱油

Ever since Astro channel 395 - Channel M showing 집밥 백선생 (Home Food rescue), this cooking show of 4 men who don't know how to cook at all learning how to cook from Baek Song-seng (A famous chef & restaurateur in Korea) has giving me a lot of idea how to cook Korean food in a quick and easy way!

Today I am going to share this "All purpose Soya Sauce" by Baek Song-seng that can use to make different kinds of banchans or main dishes in a fastest way yet delicious compare to normal traditional way! This 만능간장 has become a "must-have" sauce at home for cooking among Korean housewives.

Soya Sauce - 6 cups
Sugar - 1 cup
Minced Pork or Beef - 3 Cups 

Note: Baek Song-seng use standard paper cup (240ml) as measurement. Suggest you change to small paper cup (120ml) if you don't need that much of man-nun ganjang. Just keep the ratio as 6:1:3.

How to Cook:

Step 1.
Pour 6 cups of soya sauce, 1 cup of sugar and 3 cups of minced pork on a pan. (I use small cup here).

Step 2. 
Bring to boil on normal fire. Once it start to boil, lower down the heat and let it continue boil for 5 minutes and it is done.

Step 3.
Use a spoon to remove the foam that foaming during the boiling process and it is done.

Step 4.
Store the man-nun ganjang in airtight container after it is cool down, then store in the fridge for later use. Remove the lark (animal fats) that floating on top of the man-nun ganjang if you dislike it. Man-nun Ganjang can be store more than 2 weeks as long as it is store well in the fridge. If you wish to prolong the lifespan (longer than 2 weeks), re-boil the man-nun ganjang and store in a new airtight container.

I will share some recipes of how to use Man-nun Ganjang to make banchans later. Baek song-seng has shared more recipes in last week new episode (Episode 11) and even make Japchae with it - as one of the guy (Son Ho Jun) is leaving the show and one of his wish is to learn how to make Japchae. (Episode that showing in Channel M is few weeks slower than Korea).