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BaekSonSeng's recipe : Dwenjang Jiggae | 집밥 백선생 : 된장찌개

It's 집밥 백선생 Fever in Korea! This time I want to share the Baek Son-Seng style Dwenjang Jiggae! I have been cooking Dwenjang Jiggae with different ingredients before. I would say this is the most easy and fast ready Dwenjang Jiggae and it is very delicious too! My husband even requests me to make this Dwenjang Jiggae again few days later after he had it for the first time with 2 bowl of rice gone. My Earth-ware is medium size (for 2 serving), but I only manage to take 2 sips of the soup there rest was finish by him. Hehe!
Ingredient (2 Servings):
Thinly slice Beef  (or Pork) - 1/2 Cup Radish slices - 1/2 cup Dwenjang - 4 Teaspoons Gochujang - 1 Teaspoon Sugar - 1 Teaspoon Minced Garlic - 1 Teaspoon Hot pepper (chill) - 1 pc Green onion - 1 stalk
How to Cook: Julienne the radish & hot peppers, chopped the green onion (not in picture), minced the garlic and thinly slice the pork. I am using pork neck meat here. Baek SonSeng used beef in the show, however pork is also suitable. Use …

Man-nun Ganjang | 만능간장 | All Purpose Soya Sauce | 万能酱油

Ever since Astro channel 395 - Channel M showing 집밥 백선생 (Home Food rescue), this cooking show of 4 men who don't know how to cook at all learning how to cook from Baek Song-seng (A famous chef & restaurateur in Korea) has giving me a lot of idea how to cook Korean food in a quick and easy way!
Today I am going to share this "All purpose Soya Sauce" by Baek Song-seng that can use to make different kinds of banchans or main dishes in a fastest way yet delicious compare to normal traditional way! This 만능간장 has become a "must-have" sauce at home for cooking among Korean housewives.
Ingredient: Soya Sauce - 6 cups Sugar - 1 cup Minced Pork or Beef - 3 Cups 
Note: Baek Song-seng use standard paper cup (240ml) as measurement. Suggest you change to small paper cup (120ml) if you don't need that much of man-nun ganjang. Just keep the ratio as 6:1:3
How to Cook:  Pour 6 cups of soya sauce, 1 cup of sugar and 3 cups of minced pork on a pan. (I use small cup here).