Bon-Ga Korean Restaurant, Solaris Mont' Kiara, Kuala Lumpur | 본가 솔라리스 몽키아라

:: What a busy Saturday for the Korean restaurants in our neighbourhood. At last we had Kkotgye-tang as dinner today after I think about eating it again for sometimes :: 

Seems like it is a busy Saturday for the Korean restaurants in Solaris Mont' Kiara today. Initially we want to try out the new Korean BBQ Restaurant "Gogi-King" which located same row with Shin Shun Mi Mart. However it is full house and all the servers are so busy that they don't even bother to greet or approach the walk-in customer (including us). After standing in front of a vacant table for almost 5 minutes and disappointing with no responds at all, we left and heading to Bon-ga. 

Turns out, Bon-ga is full house too. Just when we thought of leaving and search for another less crowded restaurant, suddenly we were told there's a table vacant. We noticed the restaurant owner has changed to young Korean couple. The husband was busy at the cashier counter while wife is busy with orders and foods with other servers. Some of the server are still the same person since our last visit. 

Husband suggest to have Kkotgye-tang since I always told him I miss the Kkotgye dwenjangguk that we had in Busan last year. After order placed and the banchan(s) served. Bon-ga served 12 + 1 side dish, more than the average Korean Restaurant we visit would served. Normally the maximum would be 9 banchans. The Japchae comes just on time to filled our hungry stomach.

Bon Ga has more seafood choices in their menu compare to other Korean BBQ restaurants. After order placed, we were told that we need to wait for 20-30mins, that's where I have time to took photos of the menu page by page while waiting for the meal serve.

Bon-ga is using electrical grill for the barbecue instead of charcoal. Their BBQ menu come with choices of beef, pork and chicken.

For beef they have Kkot-deungsim 꽃등심 (rib eye steak), Saeng-galbi 생갈비 (Beef ribs), Wang-galbi 왕갈비 (premium short ribs), Jumulleok 주물럭 (short steaks marinated with sesame oil), Chadol bagi 차돌박이 (thinly sliced brisket point), Galbisal 갈비살 (rib meat), and Sohyeo 소혀 (cow tongue). While pork there are 4 parts available : Samgyeopsal 삼겹살 (pork belly), Dweji-galbi 돼지갈비 (marinated pork rib), Hanjeongsal 한정살 (thin meat strips from pork neck) and Moksal 목살 (pork neck meat). Chicken besides Jumulleok 주물럭 (marinated chicken) for BBQ grilled, they also have Dakgalbi 닭갈비 (stir fried spicy chicken with vegetable in iron pan).

Meal set such as jiggae and rice - dwenjang jigage, kimchi jiggae, sundubu jiggae, chongguk-jang, yukgyejang, bibimbap, galbi-tang, tteok-mandu-guk, dduk-bugolgi, jeyuk-bokkuem and maesaengi-guk are available. For those who don't know,  Maesaengi is a type of sea plant that grows in the cleanest waters, similar to seaweed, usually use to cook soup or jeon. Noodle dish such as Mul-naengmyeon, bibim-naengmyeon and kimchi-mari-guksu (cold kimchi noodle) can be found too. 

As mentioned they have a lot of dish related to seafood, so it is not surprise that they have up to 7 selections for their fish menu:- Godeungeo gui (grilled mackerel), Godeungeo jorim (braised mackerel). kkongchi gui (grilled saury), Ojingeo-daejim (Steamed squid), Ojingeo muchim (Sweet and spicy boiled squid with vegetables), Hwangtae-gui (Grilled spicy pollack fish) and Minmul jangeo (Grilled fresh water eel).

Stew selection from Samgyetang (Ginseng chicken soup), Gamjatang (Potato pork bone stew), Kkotgye-tang (Spicy crab stew that we order), Saengson maeun-tang (Spicy fish stew), Jogi maeun-tang (Spicy yellow croaker fish stew), Bulgolgi  jengol (bugolgi stew) and Insam-dweji-galbi-jjim (braised pork ribs with ginseng). 

I like the choices of their Special Dish. Some of the dishes (especially fish dishes) are rare and not many Korean restaurant here in Malaysia are selling it : Gwamegi (Half-dried herring bill-fish), Ganjang gyejang (Soy sauce crab), Yangmyum gyejang (Spicy sauce crab), Bori-gulbi (Yellow corvina fish) and Deodeok gui (grilled deodeok - root of a flowering plant), Kimchi jjim (Braised kimchi), Suyuk bossam (boiled pork with vegetable wraps), Gul-bossam (Boiled pork served with fresh oyster and salted napa cabbage wraps), Honghap nakji-tang (Mussel and octopus soup), Galnak-tang (octopus and beef rib soup), Gyejang baekban (soybean crab set meal), Gulbi baekban (yellow corvina set meal), Hongeo samhap (combo of fermented skate, pork and kimchi) and Ori-hunje (smoked duck).

There are some wrong translation in mandarin, so don't be confuse when you see it.

Last page of the menu is always about Drinks which included soju and beers. 

Kkotgye tang 꽃게탕 @ RM88.00
Our order -Kkotgye-tang is in normal serving which can feed 2 to 3 pax. Kkotgye-tang is Korean Spicy Crab Stew that made from blue crabs (or known as flower crab), vegetables and soup base that made from dwenjang, gochujang and gochugaru. Vegetables usually are radish, onions, green onion, bean sprout and enoki mushrooms. All raw ingredient will be pour into the pot filled with soup base, bring to boil for a while until everything is cook before consume. 

The portion is quite generous, there are at least 4 blue crabs in the Kkotgye-tang. The broth taste good, however the blue crab meat is probably frozen and not properly defrost, the meat texture is not chewy thus less rich taste than the fresh crab. 

The only portion of crab I took that night, the rest of the crab was finish by my husband. I wasn't really enjoy the crab meat, but luckily the stew and vegetables in it taste okay so I finished a bowl of rice with it. Guess we are running out of luck today. First we ask for refill for banchan but it never come (the servers are too busy). After meal husband ask for the dessert and we were told it is finish! 

This is something we never encounter before in such a decent Korean Restaurant. Normally if dessert is finish they would serve drinks like sikye (sweet rice punch) or iced coffee as replacement. Husband is upset and he highlighted it to the boss when he pay the bill. They should be well prepared on this especially on weekends. No more Kkotgye-tang for us in Malaysia! Better save our $$ and eat Kkotgye in Korea when we go back to Busan coming October.

Bon-Ga Korean Restaurant 본가 솔라리스 몽키아라
Address : No.3A-2 Block E, Jln Solaris 3, Mont Kiara, 50480 Kuala Lumpur
Phone : 03-6204 0012