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Dubu Kimchi | 두부 김치 | Tofu Kimchi

Dubu kimchi is the dish I would normally make for husband when he request for supper. Not only it is light meal for supper also it can be ready quickly and less oily in the kitchen. Dubu kimchi is a dish where you place the stir-fried kimchi and meat on a tofu slices and eat together in one bite. The meat can be either pork or chicken - normally pork belly or chicken drumstick meat is use in this dish. Dubu kimchi is also a popular side dish or snack for drinking soju.
Ingredients (2 servings):
1 package tofu (400 grams) 1 cup of Chopped Kimchi 1/2 onion 1-2 bunch green onions 100 grams sliced pork

1 teaspoon minced ginger 1 tablespoon minced garlic 1 teaspoon of cooking wine 1 tablespoon soy sauce 1 tablespoon sugar 1 tablespoon sesame oil 1 tablespoon hot pepper powder (gochugaru) 2 pinches of pepper Some sesame seeds for garnish
How to Cook: Step 1. Get ready the ingredient for cooking:- Cut the onion into thin slices, chop the green onions into ½ inch pieces, minced the ginger and g…


Tonkatsu by Ma Maison open their second outlet in our neighborhood! Just like their first outlet in One Utama, Isetan Food Paradise, there is always a queue especially during meal hours ! We manage to avoid the crowds since we were here for later lunch half past three in the afternoon.

The Menu Their menu seems worn out in fact this Publika branch has open merely one year. You may visit their website for menu & pricing:

 Menu for Rosu Katsu (Pork Loin)
Menu for Hire Katsu (Pork Fillet) & Miso Katsu (Deep-fried pork cutlets doused with a topping sauce). 
Jumbo Ebifurai (Deep Fried Jumbo Prawn) 
Kakifurai (Deep-fried Oyster) & Iroiro Katsu (Assorted Katsu)

Iroiro Katsu (Assorted Katsu)
(Left) Ma Maison's latest menu, did you notice it is very crumble? lol! Anyway, I chose the Buta Katsu Set from this menu. (Right) All Pork loins at Ma Maison are aged (or matured) in a special chiller for days for better flavor, the aging process is important as…

Chi-mek | 치맥 | Korean Fried Chicken in Kuala Lumpur

If you like Korean drama or programmes, I'm sure you know what is "chi-mek". For those who doesn't know, Chi-mek (치맥) is a short-form words of Chicken and Mekju (beer in Korean). Chimek actually refers to restaurant or pubs in South Korea that serve fried chicken with big jugs of cheap beer. Different from fast food, Korean fried chicken only cook the moment order is place. That is the reason why we prefer to have Korean fried chicken when it comes to fried chicken. Today I am going to share about the Korean Fried Chicken that available in Kuala Lumpur area which we had tried.

1. Wow Chicken, Desa Sri Hartamas

This Korean fried chicken restaurant located at 1st floor has been open since 2010. We used to eat-in whenever we visit Desa Sri Hartamas. Quiet and cozy interior, there are cubical where you could have some privacy while having meals. Beside fried chicken there are others Korean food available too such as kimchi fried rice, kimchi jiggae, Jjolmyeon and etc. Rea…

Daorae Korean BBQ Restaurant | 다오래 (Daorae Plus, Solaris Mont Kiara & Daorae, Desa Sri Hartamas)

We have been frequent patron Daorae ever since they open their first restaurant in Penang. We even held our Engagement private lunch event at Daorae in year 2010. The reason why we like to go Daorae is because of their service! Regardless which branch we visit, the service still remain good and food taste is consistent.

Branches that we have been visit before are Daorae Penang branch (both Tanjung Tokong & Daorae Bayan Baru), Daorae Puchong Bandar Puteri, Daorae USJ Taipan, Daorae Desa Sri Hartamas, Daorae Plus Solaris Mont' Kiara and the newly open Daorae Seremban branch.

Daorae Plus, Solaris Mont' Kiara
Most of the people go Daorae normally will have the Korean BBQ. We do, but only when there is a friends or family gathering. Most of the time it is just the two of us, so we prefer to have Korean meal, like Jiggae and rice. Sharing with you some of the dish that we like the most at Daorae. 
The reason why their service is good, because Daorae's motto is  "The cus…