Solaris Mont' Kiara, Paniya Korean Restaurant

Husband insisted I should try Paniya's cheolpan sundae after he went there once with his golf friends recently. Accordingly to him it is something special as normally the sundae we have either steam or soup. After I went once with him lately, we never stop visit the restaurant whenever we feel like want to have sundae!

Pan-fried Sundae (RM60)
We are here for his favourite - Cheolpan-Sundae. It's Pan-fried Sundae with assorted vegetables - cabbage, carrot, onions, sesame leaf, glass noodle, sticky rice cake and their special marinate sauce. The taste is like dakgalbi except the chicken meat is replaced with sundae and it is not spicy. 

You can add extra sari (side dish) in it with extra cost. Husband actually ask to add extra sundae (RM25) however the waitress forgot to do so. But that's ok and I actually glad that he forgot because the original portion itself is a lot for 2 pax! We ate only half of the serving and ask for take away for the rest.

The waiter will cook the pan-fried sundae at the table near to the kitchen counter before transfer to our table. No hot oil splashing all around our table and it cause less smelly to our clothes and hair (still smelly but not that bad!)

You can eat it together with ssam (veggie wrap) or with rice. If you like dakgalbi and sundae, this Cheolpan-Sundae definitely will make you fall in love with flavor of the mixture of both!

Paniya served 4 banchans and 1 complementary hot soup. Purple cabbage salad, kimchi, potatoes jorim (braised potatoes) and eomuk (braised fish cake).

I like the complimentary bean-sprouts soup. Very refreshing! Sometimes the soup will be Miyuk-guk not every time we will get bean sprouts soup.

The restaurant interior is cozy and clean. They have a private corner (with roller binds) which can served more than 10-16 pax.

 Simple and cozy deco in the restaurant. 

Paniya's Menu

Nowadays we like to take photos of the menu for our future reference.

Side Dish & Beverages 
Ignore their spelling mistake on Beverages. The side dish here is not refer to banchan, it is actually the extra side dish (sari) that you wish to add for your cheolpan menu.

Lunch Set Menu 
They have affordable price lunch set as well and we have try their jjajangmyeon & tangshuyuk (I will share about it next time). 

Paniya Korea Restaurant
Address: No.1-1 Jalan Solaris 2, Solaris Mont Kiara, 50480 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Tel: +603 6203 0068

(Located on the 1st floor, right above Ravi /same row with Kim's Mart) 


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