Registration of Marriage of Foreign Spouse in Malaysia - Malaysian wife and Korean Husband

This post is 4 years late! lol. Since there are a few inquiries about how we registered our Marriage in Malaysia as Malaysian-Korean couple, I decided to blog it here for everyone's reference. However, the Laws & Rules might be change from time to time so it is advise that you check with the authorities for the latest rules & procedures before you proceed.

The process of Marriage Registration for local Malaysian wife with Foreigner husband is not that complicated, just a bit time-consuming as we need to travel in between JPN Putrajaya and Embassy of Republic of Korea at least 2 times and above (JPN x 3 times, Embassy of Republic of Korea x 2 times).   

For your info, JPN stands for Jabatan Pendaftaran Negara - is National Registration Department (NRD) in Malaysia. Birth, Death, Marriage, Divorce, Identity Card, Citizenship and adoption can be done in JPN. Since husband is non-citizen, it will be easier and convenient if we go to JPN, Putrajaya (about 30 minutes away from the place we stay).

The Process

Step 1 - JPNM Putrajaya (General Inquiry & Obtain Form to fill later)

  • First of all, we visit JPN for general inquiry and obtain Form JPN.KC02 (Application of Registration of Marriage). For your info, original form is needed for submission for application. These online form is for reference purpose only.  
  • I was required to change my Mykad address which can be done in JPN as well (same building but different floor & department) with a fee of RM10. New Mykad can be collect on the next working day. Why I have to change of address? Well, my Mykad address has to be Selangor Address if I wish to carry out the Registration of Marriage in Selangor State (Including Putrajaya). Read Application Requirements - Clause no.2
  • Besides JPN official website, I found this link is pretty useful and easy to understand about the Marriage Procedure in Malaysia. JPNM Putrajaya Location:

Step 2 - Embassy of Republic of Korea (Certified True Copy of Marital Status Letter)

  • As mentioned above, husband first need to obtain the Letter of Verifying Marital Status from South Korea (His Origin Country). His parents apply on behalf for him in Korea and send him a copy via email. The copy of the letter needs to be Certified True Copy by the Embassy of Korea & Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Read Required Documents - Clause 4.3, 4.3.1, and 4.3.2
  • We also need to prepare the following before we visit the Embassy of Rep.of Korea :
          1) Print-out Copy of Marital Status Letter
          2) ORIGINAL passport
          3) Photocopy of Pages with Personal Details, Latest Arrival Date in Malaysia
              and a Valid Social Visa Pass (tourist visa) for non-citizen.
          4) Husband's Parent's particulars (Full name, Date of Birth, Place of Birth,
              Identity card no.) - There will be a form to fill and this particulars is needed.
  • A fee of USD4 was collected for the stamp duty upon submission. 
  • The Embassy of Rep.of Korea will then return a Notarial Certificate, attached with the documents we submitted earlier (Marital Status Letter, Photocopy of Passport pages with personal details, latest arrival date in Malaysia and a valid visa or pass for non-citizen) - All Certified True Copy and Signed by the Consulate of Korea Embassy. (See attached below)

Step 3 - Visit Ministry of Foreign Affairs (Re-certified the Notarial Cert) 

  • We then required to Re-Certified True Copy the Notarial Certificate & attachments (that already certified by Embassy of Rep. of Korea earlier) by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs before submission for marriage application. 
  • All Original document are required to present upon submission (just bring all documents with you). A fee of RM20 will be collect when we submit for re-certified. An official receipt will be given later after re-certification of Notarial cert & attached documents done. Remember to make a photocopy of all the Certified Notarial Certs and documents for own safe keeping before submission (you will need it for spouse visa application use) 
  • Make sure you dress decently else you are not allowed to enter to the office (Male: No T-shirt, shorts or flip-flops /  Female: No sleeveless, shorts, dress/skirt length must be cover the knee.) It is stated on a signboard at the guard post of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.
  • The Building of Ministry of Foreign Affairs is also located in Putrajaya (on a mountain slope), but not within walking distance from JPN so we need to drive there. Ministry of Foreign Affairs Location:

Step 4 - JPNM Putrajaya (Submission of Marriage Application)
  • After that, we go back to JPNM, first collect my new Mykad (with Selangor address), make a photocopy since it is needed for the Registration of Marriage Application submission.  
  • We then finally allow to submit the Marriage Applications at Marriage & Divorce Division Counter with the following requirement complete:-
          1) Complete Filled Form JPN.KC02.
          2) Details of  TWO witnesses aged 21 and above (witness name, IC no, address).
          3) Both husband & wife Passport size photos 2pcs each (with blue background)
          4) Husband's photocopy of passport pages with personal details & latest arrival date
              in Malaysia and a valid visa or pass for non-citizen.
          5) Husband's photocopy of Birth Certification
          6) Husband's Marital Status Letter (Certified by both Embassy of Rep. of Korea
              & Ministry of Foreign Affair)
          7) Wife's photocopy of I/C (Identification card)
          8) Wife's photocopy of Birth Certification
  • ORIGINAL documents need to be produced upon the submission for verification purpose. A fee of RM30 will be collected as well for the marriage certificate and certification
  • After submission, a waiting period of 14 - 21 days will be imply, the applications will be put on the JPN's notice boards and if no objections we can proceed to register our marriage. We are allow to choose the date that we prefer (so long it is after 21 days waiting period). *Refer to Application Requirements-Clause 5. Since we choose to hold our Solemnization Of Marriage in the Marriage & Divorce Division Office, Putrajaya - it is free of charge.

Step 5 - JPN Putrajaya (Solemnization of Marriage)

  • Preparation for the day of Solemnization Of Marriage
         1) Presence of the couple together with 2 witnesses aged 21 and above.
             (My parents are our witnesses)
         2) Both couple & witnesses needs to bring along ORIGINAL passports or MyKad.
         3) Be decently and neatly dressed (T-shirt/jeans/flip-flops/shorts are NOT ALLOWED)
         4) Be early to arrive at the Marriage & Divorce Division. We need to take queue
             number & wait for our turn (each session will take about half and hour at least)

  • The Process of Solemnization of Marriage
          1) Registrar of Marriage will verify the application forms with all the ORIGINAL
               passports & MyKads.
          2) Registrar of Marriage then ask if we know of any lawful impediment to the
               marriage and if we are marrying on our own free will.
          3) We read The Vows with the presence of the Registrar of Marriage & witnesses
          4) Sign on the Marriage Certificate (2 copies) by the couple, followed by the
               witnesses & Registrar of Marriage. Make sure you check if there is no spelling
               mistakes (Name, passport no. & Mykad no.) in the marriage certificates.
          5) Ring exchanged and end it with a kiss!
          6) The 2 copies Marriage Certificate will then pass to us for our safe-keeping.
          7) We are allowed to have the function hall for another 5 minutes before the next
               couple's turn. Photography session - the photos is not just for memories, also
               needed when we apply for his spouse visa application.

Step 6 - Embassy of Republic of Korea (Notify the Embassy of our Marriage Registration) 

  • After ROM, we still need to go back to the Embassy of Rep. of Korea to notify about our marriage registration in Malaysia. This process is important for Malaysian wife to become the legal wife for the foreign husband in his country. Get ready the documents below before visit:- 
          1) Original & Photocopy of the Marriage Certificates
          2) Original & Photocopy of the Wife's passport
          3) Both parents particulars (Full name, I/C no., Date of Birth, Place of Birth)
              *there is a form to be filled with these particulars.
          4) Our marriage will be updated in the Korea's Family Registration System
              within 7-14 days. Meaning my husband marital status will become married.
              My name will be added to their family's registration as his legal spouse in Korea.

This is not the end for us yet.. we still need to "travel" again to apply Spouse visa for my husband since he is staying in Malaysia. The process is much complicated compare to Marriage Registration! I will blog about that too! Good luck to those who will be going through the same process like us!


  1. Congrats! I am wife to myvkorean husband. But we stay in korea. ;)

    1. Hi! I am going to marry a Korea and to live in Korea. Is the procedures complicated?

    2. Clarryn, do you know how to read mandarin / Chinese? if yes, this blog probably can help ->

    3. Thank you so much Hye-in. Sorry I forgot to check for your reply! I read Chinese and it helps alot!

    4. Hi Clarryn,

      I am glad it helps :) Thanks for the lovely reply.

  2. Hello Hye-in, the post is very helpful, thanks. I'm looking to do the similar.
    Btw, have you looked into having the solemnization outside (not in Putrajaya)?

    1. Hello LC Chong,

      Glad that this post is helpful. Initially we wanted to held the marriage solemnization at nearby JPN however only Putrajaya has the most decent and good looking solemnization hall. So we choose Putrajaya. I added some pictures of ROM at the post for your reference.

      If you are looking to have the solemnization outside the office, it will be cost RM500 - Read - under clause 7(e). We didn't go for this option since we plan to held our wedding at another state but not Selangor :)

  3. Updates: JPN has updated their postal and the previous link is obselete. I have updated the link accordingly. Thanks for the highlight via email --> Reader-Ms.M.

  4. Hi Yoo, for the document that my korean husband direct bring from korea, did we need to translate it to bahasa malaysia or english first before all the procedure?


    1. Hi,

      Yes, in normal circumstances, required documents in foreign language needs to be translate into Bahasa Malaysia or English before submission. You may refer to Required Documents - under Clause 4.11 (

      However in our case, the required documents has been translated by Embassy of Rep. of Korea in the attached Notarial Cert (Read: Step 2 - Embassy of Republic of Korea (Certified True Copy of Marital Status Letter). Therefore we no need to translate the documents again. Perhaps this can be apply on you too.

      Kindly check with the Embassy & JPNM counters before you proceed.

    2. Hi Yoo,

      Thanks for your reply. Is it the korea embassy have translate service? From your case, i see is just translate for the Marital Status Letter? Sorry for too much question. I had ask the translate service from outside, it cost too high. Thanks

    3. Hi,

      I'm not sure if Embassy provide translate service maybe you can give them a call to find out. Have you check with JPNM & Embassy if the documents are required to translate?

      In my previous reply, I've mentioned that when we sent my husband's personal document (Single status letter & birth certificate) to be certified by the Embassy of Rep.of Korea; The embassy has prepared a notarial certificate which contains necessary info such as husband's full name, passport no., birth-date and his single status (in English). You may refer to picture #2 and picture #3 about the Notarial Certificate.

      Later when we sent it to Ministry of Foreign affair for re-certified, they accept it without asking us to translate in full. That's how we successfully submitted our application to JPNM later without having to translate any document.

      If you have further questions, you may also email me at Hope this help! Good luck.

  5. My wife & I have done this procedure now through the issuance of my second Long Term Social Visit Pass. There are a couple of weird 'trick' aspects to watch out for. 1. In getting married, after securing the notarized letter from the Embassy saying there are no impediments to marriage, you still need to take that document to the Mnistry of Foreign Affairs where they "verify" that the correct official signed the document, and collect a fee of course. We didn't know this initially and had to return to KL from Penang just for the silly Ministry of Foreign Affairs chop. This whole business is strange to me since the US Embassy in my case has no way to know if I'm married or not since that data is not administered at the federal level in the USA.They don't know when you marry or divorce. So really, they're just acknowledging that I told them I was free to marry. 2. Take all the originals to immigration each time. At the least expected moment they'll ask to see the Marriage Cert, or bank statements, or the receipt from payment of the bond. Keep it simple. Don't get into telling the immigration officers a big saga, or complaining to them about the process. It is what it is. Just be prepared and be charming!3. When we paid the required bond for the first LTSVP, they would not accept cash, resulting in a frantic drive to find a bank to buy a bank cheque. It all worked out, but that was an unpleasant surprise of the day the LTSVP was issued. My wife's bank--- Maybank--- issued a cheque. We deposited the cash we had and then the cheque was cut via debit from the account. The we raced back to the Butterworth Immigration office, gave them the cheque and got my passport back.

    1. Thanks for the sharing. I would like add some notes to your comments.

      1) I have mentioned in STEP.3 where we need to pay a visit to Ministry of Foreign Affairs to "re-certified the Notarial Cert" issued by Embassy. Perhaps you miss out or your embassy did not advise you on this. Anyway We were asked to visit the Ministry of Foreign Affair to get re-certified again by our embassy after obtain the notarial cert.

      In my opinion, MOFA (Ministry of Foreign Affairs) re-certified the notarial cert is to keep a record of such notarial cert has been issued by your embassy for marriage registration purpose in Malaysia. MOFA will check if the notarial cert is genuine based on the stamp duty, signatories from the Embassy, as well as verified your passport + your spouse ID. All info should be treat as genuine (including your marital status) as that's the Embassy's responsibility to check on it before they issue the Notarial Cert, isn't it?

      2) Yeah, I always advise in my post "bring all the original certs with you on every visit, including the extra photocopies as spare" to prevent coming back again and again. It's good that you mention it again to remind everyone again how important it is!

      3) Looks like Butterworth Immigration has a different practise - only bank draft accepted. For those who going to apply LTSVP at B'worth Immigration please take note! I can understand your frustration especially there's no bank nearby. We are lucky as the immigration (Shah Alam Immigration) accept cash for bond during our application.

  6. Hello Hye In. thank you for sharing.. My daughter's boy friend is Korean. she told me that her boy friend do not have birth certificate. is there any documents can replace birth certificate?

    he is studying in Malaysia since young and the parents already went back to Korea . his parents had apply marital status letter for him in Busan in february. can I write to you in chinese because my english is not good. Thank You very much.

    1. Hi Ms Elsie,

      I not sure why your future son in law doesn’t have a birth certificate .. if the parents can get the marital status letter, they could also ask to reprint the birth certificate as both can get from the same office - the district office (동사무소 Dong Samuso in korean)

      I will suggest he check with the Embassy of Repbulic of Korea at Jalan Ampang if there’s any other document can used to replace.

      And yes, you may write me in Chinese, I can read and write in Chinese fluently. Your English looks good for me though. 😊

      Hope my reply helps.

  7. 那我去和他们说。用英文我要想很久,而且很难表达我要说的话 我的grammar不好。我也可以email给你吗?谢谢你:)

  8. 另外我想问一下, 他父母寄来的文件是要在当地certified, 还是在这里的大使馆可以certified?谢谢。

    1. 单身证明书和报生纸需要给驻马来西亚的韩国大使馆ceritified, 然后再给 Putrajaya 的 Ministry of Foreign Affairs re-certified 喔。跟着我在blog里面所写的步骤去做,如果没有任何改变的话,大致上是一样的。没问题你可以email给我,我的email是

  9. Hi there are you still active this blog as well?

    Sent some inquiries, u can hangout me as well. Thanks


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