Busan, Busanjin Market | 부산진 시장

Day 4
Winter in Korea, 2010

After breakfast, we took bus from the bus stop opposite his home to Busanjin Sijang - as Busanjin Sijang is the nearest interchange where we can ride on bus no.101 to our destination of the day--> Taejongdae. 

While waiting for bus, I was excited to discover the benches along the street are marked "Bench Korea". Lol ..

It was a short ride from his house to Busanjin Sijang via bus. We alight at the bus stop opposite of Busanjin Market building and crossed the busy main road to Busanjin Sijang via a pedestrian overhead bride.  

To be honest, I was a bit reluctant whenever he asked me to stop and posed so he could take photos for me at first, but later I am gladful the he took all those photos as it became very useful for me to blog.

Walking down from the overhead bridge, what welcome us is a busy morning market along the Busanjin Market building and we could smell foods immediately. Yeah smells of tteokbokki, odeng and hotteok! 

This is the bus stop we gonna take bus no.101 to Taejongdae. While waiting for the bus to arrive, we look around the morning market and also did a short visit inside the Busanjin market building.

The morning market outside the building is sort of like temporarily set-up. Most sellers were ahjuma or grammas. This ahjuma is selling some kimchi side dish that I never see before.

Fresh seaweed, veggies to bean. I am surprise to see these grammas dress so thin in this cold winter morning. 

Then, Beondaegi caught my attention! Beondegi (번데기) is a silkworm pupae, streamed or boiled and seasoned before eaten as snack. Usually it is selling in paper cup, 1 cup worth portion price at 2,000won to 3,000won. Oppa said he ate that alot when he was young, and it is good source of protein! Nah, I am not going to eat this for sure .. 

Busanjin Market is a representative wholesale market in Busan - just like Dongdaemun Market in Seoul. Selling everything related to clothing, fabric, tailor materials and accessories. Especially the traditional costume - Hanbok. All kinds of hanbok can be purchase or tailor here - for living, wedding, special occasion or even death use. The Market established in 1913, has transformed from a traditional market into modern shopping building with escalators, elevators and amenities inside. 

Beautiful Hanbook which display behind the building large window frame! I love this hanbok design. The price for a woman’s Hanbok generally begins at 150,000 won for both the top and bottom. While man’s Hanbok begins somewhere in the range of 150,000~300,000  won including the top, bottom, vest, and coat. 

Price is vary depending on the embroidery and material. The more elaborate the embroidery and fine quality of material, the more the price increases. Children’s Hanbok is popular for its relatively affordable price.

The entire family members Hanbok collection (from Parents to kids).

Inside the Busanjin Market - it has about 400 stores inside this 5 storey building. Ground floor and 1st floor mainly selling Korean traditional items from clothes (hanbok, robe& it's accessories), fabrics, home deco (bed clothes, quilts, curtain, folding screen), handicrafts, knots and etc.

2nd floor and 3rd floor selling modern living wear for men, women and kids; from underwear, sportswear, dress, working uniform, shoes and bags and accessories. Modern hanbok can be find here too. While 4th floor is office, parking lots and amenities.

Inside the building is bursting with tiny shops clustered closely to each other. You can judge the size of each store from the shop name signboard display above the ceiling. Busanjin Market is also famous for specialized in necessary goods for marriage life - from clothes (hanbok), shoes, bedding, to bride's gift (food) for her parents in law and some other food stuffs can be find here.

It is an interesting place to visit and to buy traditional souvenirs. Do spare longer hour here if you wish to explore more. For your information: The market open from 7am till 7.30pm. Closed every 1st and 3rd Sunday. More info, visit their website: http://www.busanjinmart.co.kr/

How to get there:
[By subway] Busan Metro Line 1 - Boemil-dong Station Exit no.1 - head straight and walk about 5 mins to reach Busanjin Market.
[By bus] From Busan Station, bus no.167, 40, 43, 101, 134 to Busanjin Market