88 Kimbab, Desa Sri Hartamas

We normally buy kimbap from Seoul Mart in Desa Sri Hartamas or Kim's Mart at Solaris Mont' Kiara. There was a day when we buy kimbap from Seoul Mart but left only one roll, the boss asked if we could wait for 10 minutes he will ask to make more. Then we found out those kimbap was from the restaurant next door -> 88 Kimbab.

It is located between Seoul Mart and Maybank or under Daorae. The unit itself is split into two shops- left is hair saloon while right is 88 Kimbap. 88 Kimbab selling not just Kimbab, there are other variety of food as well. Their price is cheaper than average Korean restaurant since they don't serve fancy or luxury banchan (Korean side dishes) but they do serve simple banchan which taste good.

1st Time Eat in

First time eat-in is on the new years eve - the last day of year 2014. Husband work late and we don't have any plan for New Year's Eve. We drive to Desa Sri Hartamas and as usual those famous restaurants were packed with customers. Since we were hungry and we just hop in to 88 Kimbap for a quick late dinner before shop close at 10pm!

We order their Kimbap (normal sweet and sour Korean rice roll) - we like their kimbap because the ingredients they use for the kimbap is exactly what normally Korean kimbap would have.

We also have Tteok-mandu-guk (Sliced Rice Cake with Dumplings Soup) and Sundae (Korean Rice Sausage). The banchan are cut-kimchi, radish pickle slices and soya braised potato and garlic, also given us 2 bowls of seaweed soup.

2nd time Eat in

Second time we try their Rice menu - I order the soondubu jigge (soft tofu stew) - RM15. The stew taste good! and surprisingly with same amount of ingredient in the stew that I can get in other Korean restaurant. And banchan are beans sprout, kimchi, and fried japanese egg tofu.

Husband had Kimchi Sujaebi (Handpulled Dough Soup) - RM15. The bowl is big so the portion looks small. It is actually normal size portion. Attached their menus at the below for reference.

Third time & more...

Bibimbap become the most food I will have when we eat in.

Tteok Mandu-guk
Husband still very to his choice - tteok mandu guk.


Jeyuk deopbab


Tteokbokki & ramyeon sari
husband's new favourite!

Cheese Bulgogi Deokbap

They are selling various of banchan as well. Sometmes I will buy some of the banchan (similar ingredient  that they use in their bibimbap) to make bibimbap at home at home when I feel like don't wanna cook alot. Their home-made sikye (sweet rice punch) is selling at RM13 for 1.5 liter, worth to buy and enjoy with other if you like sikye. 

Will keep here update whenever we try new menu again! Attached their latest menu below for everyone's reference as usual:

88 Kimbab located at:


  1. Hi, I'm looking for a Korean grocery in KL, can you please recommend the biggest one or has the widest range of items for cooking Korean dishes? Thank you! ^^

    1. Hi Hyeri,

      I would recommend Seoul Mart in Desa Sri Hartamas, Kim's Mart and K-Mart in Solaris Mont' Kiara. Each of these 3 Korean Marts selling certain range of brand of the Korean products so I would run between these three mart to get what I need sometimes. I suggest you give a visit to these three Korean groceries store to give a comparison to see which has the more items you need. Hope this help ^^

  2. Replies
    1. Hi expoliceassociation M,

      Sorry to miss out your comment, the shop don't have delivery service but you can use " http://www.maperun.com/#!main-menu/neo9y " to take order and get it delivery (charges applied). They delivery food from most of the Korean Restaurant in town including 88kimbap.

  3. Hi, is the restaurant still there because I plan to stop by

    1. Hi Laila,

      The restaurant is still around, I will update in the post if any of the the restaurant is close down for Business. By the way, the restaurant is Non-Halal. In case you need to know :)

  4. what time and day does the restaurant opens and ? Just specifically wants to know if its close on tuesday and what time it opens.

  5. Operation hours: 10.30am to 9.30pm. Seems like they are open everyday. Will find out if they close any special day and let you know if I visit there again.


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