Yubu Chobap | 유부 초밥 | Korean Fried Tofu Pockets (Stuffed with Rice)

我们家常煮的韩式早餐~ One of the Korean style breakfast menu for him! My husband need to travel far to his workplace very early. So I always look for those easy to prepare and quickly ready breakfast for him. Yubu Chobap 유부 초밥 is one of them that I will cook once in a while.

Yubu is fried tofu pocket, chobab is sushi (stuffed rice). Yeah, it is Japanese styled Korean food. It is one of the popular picnic food for Koreans beside Kimbap! It is very easy to prepare as there are ready-made package which including the vinegar for the sushi rice and veggie bits. All you need to do is just cook rice and add-in extra fresh veggie that you like.


1 Pack of Korean Fried Tofu Pockets (14pcs)
1 Cup of Rice
¼ cup of Chopped Onion
¼ cup of Chopped Carrot
¼ cup of chopped Zuchinni
½ cup of Chopped Brocolli
Cooking oil

This is the Fried Tofu Pockets which is selling in KL Korean Groceries Store. There are 2 sizes available: 14 pcs (160g) and 28pcs(320g). The yubuchobap pack contain 3 items inside: seasoned fried tofu, vinegar based sauce and dried ingredients. This fried tofu packet required to keep in the fridge after you purchase it. To heat up the fried tofu pockets after taken out from fridge, just soak the un-open fried tofu pockets packing in bowl filled with hot water.

How to cook:

Step 1. 
Cook 1 cup of rice, add in chopped broccoli to cook together with rice. Or you may boiled the broccoli for about 1 minute, drain and set aside (to use later).

On a heated pan, add in 1 teaspoon of oil, stir fried the chopped onion, carrot and zucchini for about 3-5 mins until it is cook, set aside. OR, you may dump everything into the rice cooker, cook together with rice if you lazy.

Step 2. 
Once the rice is cook, pour in the cooked veggies, the vinegar pack & dried ingredients into the rice cooker pot, mixed well. 

Step 3. 
Heat up the fried tofu pocket packing by soak it in a bowl of hot water. Cut the edge of the tofu pocket packing, drain out the liquid inside. Gently press on the packing to remove excess liquid from the fried tofu pocket. Don't press too hard else it might rip the fried tofu pocket.

Remove the fried tofu pockets from the packing and set aside.

Gently open up the fried tofu pocket and set aside for stuffing process.

Step 4.
Scoop one spoon of rice into palm, first make the rice into into sushi rice shape, then stuff the rice into the fried tofu pockets. 

Fill more rice into the fried tofu pocket to make it full. Beware not to over stuff as the pocket might rip. Stuffed the fried tofu pocket until it looks like below then it is done.

Fyi, yubuchobap goes very well with a bowl of hot fish cake soup. Get a pack of yubuchobap pack and give a try if you happens to visit a Korean groceries store.