Jwipo Jorim | 쥐포조림 | Seasoned Korean Fish Jerky

One day when I clean the fridge, I noticed that a box of Jwipo-che (Shredded Korean Fish Jerky) that husband received as a gift from  his colleague is 1 week expired. Feeling waste to throw it away, I googled and found out that I make Jwipo Jorim with it as banchan and this banchan can last for long time after that! 

For those who do not know Jwipo (쥐포), it is one kind of traditional Korean snack known as pressed fish jerky, made from boneless dried filefish, popular among Koreans of all ages. It was selling in several form - large square piece in A4 paper size, thinly cut into stick, shredded in irregular size, oval size etc.

How to eat? Just grilled it directly on top on the stove or heat it over a pan, and it is ready to eat just like that, or dip with some gochujang or mayonnaise. Husband used to bought Jwipo back to Malaysia if he went for a business trip in Korea. He would grill the jwipo on the gas stove fire and make it curl with slight burn smell, cut into several bite size before chew on it. My mother-in-law use Jwipo to make Jwipo-jeon 쥐포전 as one of the deep fried side-dish to be served during ancestor prayer too.


260g Jwipo / dried filefish 

To make seasoning Sauce: 
2 Tbsp Gochujang
2 Tbsp Mayonnaise
1 Tbsp Honey
1 Tbsp Brown sugar
1 Tbsp Soy sauce
1 Tbsp Rice wine
1 Tbsp Sesame oil
Some sesame seeds (for garnish later)

How to cook:

Step 1. The Jwipo I have is shredded and size similar to medium size anchovies. Place the jwipo evenly on a grilling net, on small fire, slightly grill the Jwipo over the stove to bring out the flavour, also can make it crispy. Also see the video below for how to grilled it.

These are the Jwipo after grilled, there are some lightly burn at the edge at the Jwipo and it is very tasty to eat now even without the seasoning. In my case we can't finish this much of Jwipo in short time, I decided to make it into Jorim (seasoning) so it can be store longer and enjoy over the meal.

Step 2. In the pan, put in all the ingredient that use to make seasoning then turn on the fire to cook it.

Step 3. In low fire, simmer it for 1-2 mins until all ingredients melt and mixed well. Gentle stir during the cooking process to prevent burn.

Step 4. Add in the grilled Jwipo, quickly mix it well with the seasoning sauce and remove it from the pan. Beware not to overcook the sauce otherwise it will become harden because there are sugar inside.

It's done! This Seasoned fish jerky can be keep in airtight container and store in fridge for later consumption. It doesn't need required to reheat before eat.

Jwipo Jorim not only great  as snack for beer / soju (drinking session), it is also one the Korean kids' favourite banchan for their lunchbox that they bring to school in old days - according to husband. Give a try if you haven't try it before. 


  1. Thanks Chip2 :) I still have plenty in my fridge~ if you come over to visit me again I will let you try hehe..


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