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Yubu Chobap | 유부 초밥 | Korean Fried Tofu Pockets (Stuffed with Rice)

我们家常煮的韩式早餐~ One of the Korean style breakfast menu for him! My husband need to travel far to his workplace very early. So I always look for those easy to prepare and quickly ready breakfast for him. Yubu Chobap 유부 초밥 is one of them that I will cook once in a while.

Yubu is fried tofu pocket, chobab is sushi (stuffed rice). Yeah, it is Japanese styled Korean food. It is one of the popular picnic food for Koreans beside Kimbap! It is very easy to prepare as there are ready-made package which including the vinegar for the sushi rice and veggie bits. All you need to do is just cook rice and add-in extra fresh veggie that you like.

1 Pack of Korean Fried Tofu Pockets (14pcs) 1 Cup of Rice ¼ cup of Chopped Onion ¼ cup of Chopped Carrot
¼ cup of chopped Zuchinni ½ cup of Chopped Brocolli Cooking oil

This is the Fried Tofu Pockets which is selling in KL Korean Groceries Store. There are 2 sizes available: 14 pcs (160g) and 28pcs(320g). The yubuchobap pack contain 3 items inside: s…

Quinn Seremban Beef Noodle, Kemayan Square

My family visit us during Labour Day Long Holidays. We went to Seremban & Port Dickson for a day-trip sight-seeing. In order to avoid heavy traffic in North-South Highway, we use LEKAS Highway (Kajang-Seremban Highway) as alternative way to Seremban. Yeah, we used Google Maps to check the traffic condition and look for alternative way before depart. 
As usual, there are not many cars on LEKAS Highway. Husband often use LEKAS Highway to avoid traffic jam if he drive to work. However, LEKAS highway rest station is very rundown; probably lack of income therefore no source of maintenance. There is only one Malay restaurant is operate for business, the rest of the vacant shoplot is filled with dust and spider-web, not to mention the poor condition of the public toilets. 
Anyway, We arrive around lunch time and first thing to do is heading to one of the recommended food in Seremban - Quinn Beef Noodle at Kemayan Square for meal. From signboard you can see, this is their outlet and thei…