Jojo Little Kitchen | 早早板面专卖店, Desa Sri Hartamas

Jojo pan-mee or Jojo Little Kitchen is one of our weekend breakfast or brunch choice. The premises is clean, the pan mee is tasty and price also affordable. So, not only local Chinese, but many Japanese or Korean family (parents and kids) also like to eat in at Jojo Little Kitchen, Desa Sri Hartamas. 

Air conditioned indoor. It is now fully run by foreign workers. Most of them very friendly and has been working there since it's opening. Some of them recognize us since we eat in frequent. There is outdoor session for smokers too. 

No.4 - Jojo's Pork Pan Mee (Soup) @ RM8.30
My favorite as the taste close to our Chinese Minced Pork Noodle, except the noodle is pan mee.

No.4 - Jojo's Pork Pan Mee (Dry version) @ RM8.30
The different between the soup and dry version is the pan mee and soup is seperate. You still get to taste the soup with pork parts while have the pan mee coated with dark soya sauce.

No.5 - Fried Pork Pan Mee (Dry version) @ RM8.30
I would say kon-lou (dry version pan mee) more or less similar taste since they use the same sauce (minced pork black soya sauce) as the base sauce, the only thing which is different is the fried pork side dish.

No - 6 Hot & Spicy Pan Mee (Soup) @ RM8.00
Also know as Ma-lak Pan Mee, husband has been stick to this choice for quite sometimes until he discover some other flavour that he likes. Why he like this ma-lak pan mee so much simply because the taste is pretty similar to Korean Su-jae-bi (Korean Knife Cut Noodle). I tried the dried version before, dried version is pretty oily due to the chili oil, so we still prefer to soup version.

 No.7 - Knife Cut Noodle with dried prawn soup @ RM8.30
The soup is something really different from the soup pan mee we ever had so far. The dried prawn soup pretty savoury, it taste like seafood soup (?). Husband would have this when he dont' feel like having the Ma-lak Pan Mee. 

No.9 Minced Pork Pan Mee - Dry (RM7.00)
Kon-lou (dry) is always my favorite, the minced pork is kind of sweet marinated, with dark soya sauce (caramel soya sauce) at the base of the noodle. I normally will ask the waitress to make it not so oily as I find it very greasy.

No.10 - Curry Laksa Pan Mee / Mee Hoon @ RM8.50
Thought it says curry laksa but the taste is more like Penang curry mee except the noodle has replaced with pan-mee (thick noodle). Not bad! The milky curry and fried tofu is tasty!

 No.11- Dry Curry Pan Mee @ RM7.80
I try the dried version of curry pan mee. It taste a bit sweet for me as beside the curry sauce, they also add-in the sweet soya sauce minced pork which can be found in their dry version pan-mee. I would go back for soup version for curry pan-mee instead of this dry version. 

 No.15 - Pork Ball Pan Mee (Soup) @ RM6.80
Similar to No.4, Pork Pan Mee Soup except the parts has been replace to all pork balls only.

No.38 - Fried Pork @ RM9.00
Among the snacks, we like this fried pork very much. The pork has a crispy layer taste like it has been deep fried after coated with fried chicken or tempura batter. Very unique taste.

Jojo's Menu
Most of the pan mee menu, customer can choose either they want thin noodle or thick noodle. We are thick noodle lover so all the pictures above of the pan mee that we tried are all thick noodle except knife cut noodle.

Others (no.8 Lat Jiu Pan Mee, No.10 Cury Laksa Pan Mee, No.12 Lor Pan Mee, No.13 Wantan Pan Mee, No.14 Fish Ball Pan Mee, No.16 Yi Fu Pan Mee, No.17 Sotong Ball Pan Mee with Milk, No.18 Yee Mee, No.19 Sotong Ball Pan Mee) so far we yet try.

For the snacks, we tried the Fried Pork and Fried Wantan and both are yummy. Drink wise, we often go for the homemade drinks e.g. homemade Lo Han Guo, Sugarcane & water-chestnut. Once in a while I would order the Tea mix coffee (which is yin-yong in Cantonese). 

Jojo Little Kitchen is located beside the open carpark behind AM-Bank or between Old Town White Coffee and the open carpark.

Jojo Little Kitchen, Desa Sri Hartamas Branch
4, Jalan 27/70a, Desa Sri Hartamas, 50480 Kuala Lumpur, Wilayah Persekutuan
Tel: 03-6211 3011


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