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Jojo Little Kitchen | 早早板面专卖店, Desa Sri Hartamas

Jojo pan-mee or Jojo Little Kitchen is one of our weekend breakfast or brunch choice. The premises is clean, the pan mee is tasty and price also affordable. So, not only local Chinese, but many Japanese or Korean family (parents and kids) also like to eat in at Jojo Little Kitchen, Desa Sri Hartamas. 
Air conditioned indoor. It is now fully run by foreign workers. Most of them very friendly and has been working there since it's opening. Some of them recognize us since we eat in frequent. There is outdoor session for smokers too. 
No.4 - Jojo's Pork Pan Mee (Soup) @ RM8.30 My favorite as the taste close to our Chinese Minced Pork Noodle, except the noodle is pan mee.
No.4 - Jojo's Pork Pan Mee (Dry version) @ RM8.30 The different between the soup and dry version is the pan mee and soup is seperate. You still get to taste the soup with pork parts while have the pan mee coated with dark soya sauce.
No.5 - Fried Pork Pan Mee (Dry version) @ RM8.30 I would say kon-lou (dry version…

[CLOSED DOWN] G-Cova (Charcoal Grilled Chicken), Mont' Kiara Meridin, Kuala Lumpur

We discover G-cova from an advertisement in a local Korean newspaper. (Yeah the free copy of Korean newspaper where we can get from Korean Mart and Korean Restaurants). Different from Korean fried chicken shop, G-Cova is serving barbeque or grilled chicken instead of fried chicken. After an outing yesterday, we drop by the shop and ask for take-out as our dinner at home. We had G-Cova + Black Chicken Combo Set @ RM50.00. 
G-Cova Chicken (Half Bird) with Medium Spicy  G-Cova chicken is Charcoal Seasoning chicken (숯불양념 치킨), where we can can choose the level of spiciness (a little spicy, medium or very spicy). I find the medium spicy is pretty spicy than the normal spiciness level. So if you can't handle hot and spicy, suggest you go for a little spicy will do.
Black Chicken (Half Bird) Another half chicken -Black Chicken is Soya-sauce Seasoning Chicken (간장양념 치킨).  The soya based sauce marinated barbecue chicken taste sweet and savoury.  It taste pretty close to the BBQ chicken wing or…