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I Love Yumcha | 我愛飲茶, Plaza Menjalara, Kepong [PERMANENTLY CLOSED]

We usually like to have "dim-sum" at Damansara area. This time we try this "I love yumcha" located at Manjalara, Kepong after read the reviews and most of the eater commented the dim-sum is handmade and fresh. Also, it is pretty near from home, just about 10-15 minutes drive. We use GPS to lead us here. The restaurant is easy to be spot because of their huge red signboard with "I love yumcha". Abundant parking space is available since many shops are off for business on Sunday. 
It is around 9.30 am.. the restaurant is pack with customers mostly are family. We were lucky there is a table for two available when we walk-in. The restaurant is spacious and clean. The staff is attentive too!
 We were given the menu and a clip board with the self-service menu for us to place our order.

 Husband wanted to try their wantan mee but too bad it is only available during lunch time.

Beside places order via the self-service menu, there are this lady who push the mobile…