Ola! Korean Barbeque Garden, Solaris Mont' Kiara

Ola! is one the best among those Korean Restaurant we dine-in so far. Serving authentic Korean food, good variety of banchan, and cozy environment. Below are some of our visits and those dishes that we had in Ola! Fr our first visit to the latest. 

Throw back our first visit in august 2013, which I found these two photos from the photo albums where I kept photos of eateries for year 2013 to 2014. I was so occupied with my new permanent job last 2 years and not able to blog frequently, many eateries post were still in draft and pending for publish.  

Mul-Naengmyeon (물 냉면) @ RM25.00
I always craving for Mul-Naengmyeon (cold buckwheat noodle). when the weather is scorching hot and no appetite to have heavy meal especially meal with hot soup. You probably will find we had alot of Mul-Neangmyeon in some of our Korean Food Hunting posts. lol. Oh yeah, we received a plate of grilled marinated sliced beef as complimentary side-dish. yummy!

Kongguksu (콩국수) @ RM25.00
While husband is here again for one of their famous seasonal dish - Kongguksu. Kongguksu is a chilled soy milk noodle soup - another terrific cold noodle dish for hot summer day. He had the Kongguksu not long ago after his weekend golf session and recommend it to me after that. 


Sundubu Jiggae (순두부 찌개) @ RM25.00
One of our post-Christmas dinner at Ola, Year 2014. This is my kind of dinner meal - sundubu jiggae and a bowl of rice. I like to pour my rice inside the jiggae and eat together like a soup rice. Ola! served Japgokbap (잡곡밥) which is mixed grain rice that made from Korean short grain rice, sweet black rice and grains.

A good variety of banchan is important to us, since we like to have stew or soup with rice. These are the banchan (Korean side dishes) that served that day. Some of the banchan variety is different from time to time, depending on seasons.

Husband again, go for the Kongguksu! From his repeating order, you can tell their Kongguksu is delicious and most importantly the authentic Korean flavor! 


Kongbiji Jiggae (콩비지 찌게) @ RM25.00
Follow by another visit a month later, which is in January, 2015. The day we went to see "1600 Panda in Malaysia" at Publika. This time I try Kongbiji Jiggae - a stew that made with a creamy puree soaked soybeans, some shredded kimchi, and broth that made with meats or ribs. Kongbiji jiggae also known as Ground Soybean Stew. 

Finally I get to taste a good bowl of kongbiji jiggae after so long. I made Kongbiji jiggae before but the taste is not as rich as theirs. I am still searching for a good recipe for Kongbiji Jiggae. Anyway, I can finish this with a bowl of rice. Kongbiji jiggae is very filling. It has a nutty and smooth texture where you can't stop eating it.

Some of the banchan that served along. The seasoned cockles, known as Kkomak muchim (꼬막무침) in Korean, is a side dish that widely enjoyed by Koreans. The way of cooking Kkomak muchim is similar to Chinese-styled steamed cockles (see hum). The cockles were boiled then served with seasoning sauce on top. The seasoning sauce is made from soy sauce, sugar, red chili pepper flakes, sesame oil, sesame seed , minced garlic, some chopped chili peppers and green onion,

No! I didn't reuse the same photo haha! My husband, apparently still very loyal to his choice ~ Kongguksu as you can see. 


Halmae Bossam (할매 보쌈) @ RM83.00
Again a month later, we are here again on my birthday's eve. This time, we had Halmae Bossam which is my favorite. Halmae Bossam means Gramma styled pork boiled wrap. The portion is just nice for 2 of us (with a bowl of rice). A complimentary Dwenjang Jiggae were served later which is not in the photo. 

Look at the generous portion of Suyuk (boiled pork). Those little black dots were black sesame seeds. We were paying almost similar price for Bossam in other Korean restaurant, Ola!'s Bossam probably is the biggest portion that we ever have. 

Veggie that served along for the wraps are mulsaengchae (Korean radish salad), cut carrot, cut cucumber, boiled tofu, lettuce, perilla leaf, and napa-cabbage.


2 weeks later, which was yesterday. After a long drive - 10 hours travel on North-South Highway back to KL from my hometown from Chinese New Year holiday break. Ya, a terrible experience but still better than the 12 hours we had in 2014. We were exhausted and decided to drop by Ola! for dinner before head home. 

Bulgogi Jeongol (불고기 전골) @ RM25.00
We both have the same dish this time. Bulgogi Jeongol is a classic Korean stew simiilar to casserole, by using bulgogi (marinate barbecued or grilled beef) and beef broth, some veggie like onions, carrots, enoki mushroom, spring onions and tangmyeon (glass noodle) served in hot pot. I love this dish very much ever since my first time tried Bulgogi Jeongol in Koryo Won, Starhill Gallery.

Ola! has a garden like interior inside the restaurant:- artificial grass, tiled pathways, potted plants, wooden garden benches, mini water features, even barbecue pit. So far we never sit there since husband and I prefer to sit closer to the TV. Ola! is located on the 1st floor of Soho KL building, facing Kim's Mart direction. 


  1. Do you visit it in 2016? The food quality still maintain?

  2. Is there other restaurant in solaris also serve nice authentic korean food?

  3. Hi Wai Kit, yes occasionally we still pay a visit, food quality still the same. Apart from Ola! You can try Little Korea or Apgujeong. These two restaurant serve authentic taste too.


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