[CLOSED DOWN] Sil Ro Am Korean Restaurant, Seremban


It's 1st day of January of the year of 2015! Happy new year 2015 everyone! It's a public holiday in Malaysia but husband need to go back to company to do some task for 1-2 hours. I tag along as I want to have a short visit to Seremban. This is my third visit to Seremban. 

Can't believe time passes so fast, I still vividly remember our first visit to Seremban 4 years ago, I accompany husband attend his job interview and after the interview we drove all the way to Port Dickson for a short trip. Second time was after he joined the company, he bought me there to visit his office & the company. Which he is not suppose to bring me in there as some of the area were highly confidential lol. 

After husband done with his work, we head to Seremban downtown for lunch. Husband bought me here at Sil Ro Am for Naengmyeon. According to him, their Naengmyeon is "special" and different from those ordinary Naengmyeon we had. Sil Ro Am is one of the oldest Korean restaurant in Seremban that has been operate for many years. 

Sil Ro Am served 10 banchan (Korean side dishes) to their customer. which is very generous among those Korean restaurant we dine-in. Here, hot bori-cha (barley tea) is served instead the usual cold barley tea. 

Chopsticks and spoon were wrap in paper cover after sterilized. For the locals who did not know Korean, the chopstick cover written down "찾아주셔서 감사합니다" which means "Thank you for visiting us".

About 10 minutes later, our order - Naengmyeon is served. We both having the same dish - Naengmyeon. This is mine.

And this is husband's Naengmyeon. It is indeed looks different from the usual Naengmyeon I ever have judge from the outlook. Sil Ro Am Naengmyeon is topped with a handful of sliced cucumbers, spicy radish salad, half of a hard boiled egg and a lot of sesame seeds! The portion is very generous for the amount of money we pay.  

So what is the special about their Naengmyeon is the mid spicy broth that carry the taste or fragrant of sesame oil (or perilla oil perhaps). The present of sesame oil became noticeable when I chow down my last bite of noodle (see picture left). If you think would it be greasy or oily for a cold noodle dish, I would say not at all! I love this different taste of Naengmyeon  which I never had before! I wish I could empty the bowl like what I always did but the portion is way too big. 

We could tell Sil Ro Am is a family run business. There restaurant was run by a couple, and an elder Korean aunty (probably the mother or mother in law) were having lunch while watching Korean drama when we had our meal.

Sil Ro Am Korean Restaurant
Address: 30-1, Jalan Era Square 3, Era Square, 70200 Seremban, Negeri Sembilan
Phone: 06-768 8313