Seremban, Empayar Seremban Siew Pow | 芙蓉烧包城

Hubby works in Seremban. So one of the Saturday I followed him to Seremban so we can explore after work, sight seeing and makan-makan (food!). When we Google "what to eat in Seremban" this Empayar Seremban Siew Pow wont be missed from the list. If you driving down to South via North-South Express way, the building with very eye catching sign can be seen from the highway (near Seremban 2 exit).

We use GPS to lead us here. The entrance to the Empire Seremban Siew Pow with a big signage can be spotted after you drive into Taman Bukit kepayang.

Turn right after the big signage, continue to drive down you will be able to see a big building on left at the end of the road ~ that's where the Empayar Seremban Siew Pow located at. Before we reach the end of the road, both side of the road are surround by trees it was pretty quiet . Not even a single car can be seen on the road, we actually thought the place was closed. But hen we reach the end of the road and turn left, we were so glad to see many cars are parking in front of the Empayar Seremban Siew Pow (phewwww~!) 

The entrance of the Empayar Seremban Siew Pow. We are here for the seafood (not the siew pow). When we enter the building, our first impression is it looks like a seafood restaurant, tables with red table cloths, aquariums with live crabs, prawns, fishes, etc. The famous siew pow manufacturer / shop is after the staircase. The siew pow shop also selling other local products.

Shredded Coconut Baked Crab - It cost around RM68 for 1kg. The taste? yummy. We like it simply because it taste fresh. 

Deep fried prawn with cereal @ RM28. The yin-yong prawn (鸳鸯虾) was claimed only can be found in Seremban. Again, it taste very fresh and we enjoy it very much. We also order fried rice and Gong-po Chinese tea - total bill is RM110 for 2pax. 

After the yummy dinner, we visit the siew pow shop before we left, we saw this huge curry chicken bun - very tempting since we are pretty full after seafood dinner. Not sure if it is good idea to buy now and keep for tomorrow's breakfast as it might not be fresh. So we will come back again to try it next time.

How to go there: 

Empayar Seremban Siew Pow | 芙蓉烧包城
Address: LG1-57, Tingkat Bawah Tanah, Pasar Besar Negeri Sembilan, Taman Bukit Kepayang, Seremban, 70200 Negeri Sembilan


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