1,600 Pandas Malaysia Tour - Panda Invasion at Publika, Kuala Lumpur

Panda invasion! 
Yay, 1,600 pandas finally invaded Publika! They will be in Publika from 13th to 25th January 2015,10 am to 10pm daily. Besides the 1,600 papier-mâché pandas, you may found another seven special-edition pandas representing Malaysian themes and elements which are Trishaw, Wau, Congkak, Wayang Kulit, Gasing and Badminton.

These pandas is crafted from recycled paper and glued with cooked rice glue. It was created by by Paulo Grangeon, a French sculptor who worked with WWF in 2008 when they started the “1600 Panda" Conversation exhibition world tour.

Before their stop in Malaysia, the 1,600 pandas has traveled around the world, including France, Netherlands, Italy, Germany, Switzerland Hong Kong and Taiwan. Malaysia is the their third stop in Asia.  The pandas has make a stopover at 14 iconic landmarks throughout Malaysia and Publika will be their last stop. So, don't miss to see the pandas if you not yet seen them! 

Cuteness overload! The pandas come in various adorable poses and sizes. 

When the 1,600 pandas arrived in Komtar, Penang last year on Christmas Eve, we were nearby for a lunch date and stuck with a serious traffic jam. Later I found out it was the Pandas that cause the stir! Well, my Facebook news-feed is full of selfie of we-fie with 1,600 pandas everywhere lol. So, now the pandas finally stop by at Publika, husband and I don't want to miss out to meet the pandas since it is nearby!

There are panda merchandise available for purchase at the booths on site. Visitor may also take photos cuddling with the pandas at the designated 'Hug Hug Zone' - but the queue can be very long! 

For more info and details, visit 1,600 Panda's website: www.facebook.com/1600PandasMY


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