Busan, Haeundae, Cheong Sol Wha-Song Hwei-jib | 청솔와송횟집

We have dinner at another end of Haeundae ~ Songjeong-dong with my in-laws family. This restaurant is a Seafood restaurant famous with Sashimi (Korean called 횟 hwei). 

Songjeong dong is famous with Songjeong beach. After pass by Songjeong beach, continue to drive along the coastal road you will find a few sashimi restaurants at this area.

Other seafood restaurants along the coastal. 

While waiting for my in-laws family arrive, we chill-out at the rock near seaside. It's low tide and rubbish were found along the sand area. 

Some locals are fishing.

A few locals were hanging around the rocks area and catch some small crabs between the rocks. Some even rest on a picnic mat!  My brother in law manage to catch one too with the disposable chopsticks. He then let go the crab after the kids take a close look at it. 

The restaurant is located on a slope. Hubby took this photo from the entrance of the restaurant while we are enjoying the sea view at the coast.

Our dinner tonight ~ Hwei (a thinly slices raw fish). It was decorate in a round flowery shape but we have taken almost half of it before I remember to take a picture. 

Hwei is served fresh with many other side dishes to balance out the delicacy and texture of this meal. Korean sashimi is usually dipped in sweet & spicy chojang sauce. It can be eat together with ssam (vegetable leaf wrap) usually with lettuce and sesame leaves. 

These are the banchan (side dishes): Inoki mushroom cook in hot plate with soya sauce as seasoning, kimchi jigae, radish pickles, sauté tiny anchovies, seaweed pickled and veggie.

Pickles, steam sea snail, Prawn sushi, Ssamjang - thick spicy paste that used with the wrapped

Beside Hwei, we also eat BBQ Eel Jang-uh-gui (장어구이). 

The best way to eat Korean Eel is to grilled it on charcoal. 

Grilled the fresh water eel till it is cooked.

Dip in the special sauce and place it at the aluminium foil at the side to continue cook it until the sauce absorb into the meat.

Yummy! If you love to eat eel, give a try to this delicacy. It is different from the Japanese Grill Eel that I ate.

Due to we visit Busan during holiday season (Chuseok), many cars are on the road and traffic are congested along the coastal road as many people are eating out with family. 

Haeundae night view from Songjeong beach when we heading back to Gi-jang. 

 청솔와송횟집 Cheong Sol Wha-Song Hwei-jib
Address: Songjeong-dong, Haeundae-gu, Busan, South Korea
Tel:+82 51-701-2626
Website: http://cheongsol.fordining.kr/