Busan, Gijang Market | 부산 기장시장 & Ediya Coffee

Gijang Market is an a traditional outdoor market selling various products including fishery and agricultural products. It features seasonal fishery products. Cutlass fish and flower crab is famous in autumn. 

Here is the apartment that we stayed for 2 nights in Busan. Gijang Market is just located about 10 minutes walking distance from the apartment. We are flying off to Jeju in the afternoon, so my uncle suggested us to visit Gijang Market since we still have some times in the morning before depart to the airport.

Our breakfast this morning~ 오댕국 Odeng-guk (Fish cake soup) and Yubu chobap 유부초밥 (Rice stuffed in seasoned tofu pockets). So thankful for a wonderful breakfast made by my aunt for all of us. I made Yubu Chobap alot for my husband as breakfast. Click here for recipe later.

walking to Gijang market .. Gijang is not crowded and busy like Busan city and it is just started to developed, many newly built apartment can be seems along the way. However it has all the amenities e.g. schools, medical centre, supermarket, cafes, convenient stores, restaurants even Daiso can be easily find here at the main road. 

Gijang Market Entrance and beautiful autumn flowers selling by one of the stall. I took most of the fishery pictures selling in the market. 

Cutlass fish
Korean cutlass fish are well known across the country for their extraordinary taste and are best selling two months before or after Chuseok (Korean Thanksgiving).

Mini red crabs



Sea snails



Flower crabs 꽃게 and prawns - we had flower crab cook with soya bean paste (꽃게 된장찌개 Gguk-ge dwenjang-jjigae) as breakfast prepared by my aunt-in-law 외숙모. It's delicious. 

 Indoor fishery market 


 mixed fishes which I don't know what the species are

Gijang market is similar to Jagalchi market. Since we unable to visit Jagalchi Market yesterday due to massive jam and no parking, visit to Gijang Market makes not much different despite the size is much smaller and no Port! *lol*

Back to outdoor. Oh yeah, King crabs are famous here too in Gijang Market. The famous Korea variety show "2 days 1 night" came here before for the king crab, since then banner like this promoting 2 days 1 night been here fore king crab can be seen everywhere!

 Local products and kimchi! 


Kang Ho-Dong face can be seem everywhere though he has quit the show "2 days 1 night" for so many years.

Besides fishery and vegerables, dried anchovies, seaweed, accessories, clothing, socks are selling here too. End of our Gijang Market morning visit! On the way back to apartment we stop by Ediya Coffee for coffee. 

Ediya coffee

Waiting for coffee~ we order their cappucino, americano, mint chocolate and caramel latte.

Ediya merchandise on the rack.

 Seating corner~

After this, we are leaving to Gimhae International Airport and flying to Jeju.


  1. Could you pls provide the name of this apt? We would like to stay here too!
    Thanks for sharing and looking forward to hearing from you.

    1. Hi Sally, sorry for the late reply. May I know which apartment you referring to? The apartment we stay in Gijang? The apartment in Gijang is my uncle in law's apartment (not to rent).

  2. Can I ask how to go to Gijang Market from Busan city centre, any bus to go there or must we board a taxi. We will be staying near Jagalchi subway, how long is the journey to Gijang Market.

    1. Hi Flower guy,

      Bus is the easiest way to goto Gijang Market directly- refer this link: http://www.gijang.go.kr/kjen/sub03/sub3_5.jsp

      and since you will be staying near Jagalchi, you could catch bus 1003 from Nampodong: http://www.gijang.go.kr/kjen/sub03/sub3_8_1_1.jsp

      Nearest Metro station is Anpyeong Station, however after align from metro, you need to catch a taxi for another 5-10mins++ journey to Gijang Market, so it is not recommended.

      Do ask the bus driver if it is going to Gijang Sijang if you feel unsure when you boarding. Hope this help!


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