Busan, Haeundae, Dalmaji-gil | 해운대 달맞이길 & Angel-in-us Coffee

You shouldn't miss out Dalmaji Hill if you visit Korea. Dalmaji hill is a bluff cliff, located at the southeast of Haeundae Beach. At the entrance to the hill or staring point of the hill before heading up to Dalmaji hill, there is a cafe town which always full of cars and people who came here for a cup of coffee and the nice view of Haeundae Beach. 

Angel-in-us Coffee ~ we are here for the coffee and bingsu and the view of Haeundae. 

Inside the Angel-in-us Coffee, ground floor. Second floor is full of people as you can get the nice sea view at higher level, therefore ground floor is always last option when it is full upstair.

Iced-americano and mango bingsu - we like the bingsu very much! The combination of  bite size mango with a scope vanilla ice cream ~ yummy! Two person share a single bowl is just nice (a bit full for me after the bingsu - luckily I ask for take-away Ice Americano.

Some local Korean cafe is hidden behind the alley on the slope.

Other famous cafe in town - if you notice the cafe here almost all of them is at least 2 floors high.

As one of the hippest are in Busan, besides famous cafes, various upscale restaurants here are also popular among local celebrities. 

One side of the hill is filled with moderm buildings, another side of the hill however are some ancient buildings and pavillion. The entire area is called Dalmaji-park. And this ancient building in red is served as public toilet (Yes, toilet! ^^)

(Left) The staircases lead us to the Haewol Pavillion. (Right) My nephew Jack is happily posting with his mum while I took the photo for them. 

Haewol Pavillion (also name Sea-Moon Pavillion) built in 1997, is a famous place for viewing sunrise and moonrise.

On top to pavillion, you will also able view the East Sea, sometimes Tsushima-island, Japan can be seem as well on days with clear skies. 

The pathway to walking up to the Dalmaji for hikers. There are also benches are every few hundred meter where you can sit down and enjoy the sea view under the pines trees. During autumn, Dalmaji is a famous area for cherry blossom.

This is the starting point where we drive up to Dalmaji entrance from Haeundae beach - it is also called Mont. Wawoo | 卧牛山 which after its shape of a lying cow.

Here end our coffee-break at Dalmaji and Next~ we are heading Haedong Yonggungsa before dinner.


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