Sarawak, Kuching International Airport, Imperial Hotel, Boulevard Mall & Kim Bay Restaurant

Kuching International Airport

My husband and I went to Kuching for a short break while I will be attending a best friend's wedding on the last day in Kuching. We choose Imperial Hotel because it is near to the wedding venue. Also there is a shopping mall next to the hotel so it will be very convenient for us to get anything we want e.g. food (McD, KFC, PizzaHut, Sushi King), Watsons and even Daiso.

The arrival hall
The kuching international airport is a very small airport. Similar to Penang International Airport size. After arrived, we are giving 30 days permit to stay in East Malaysia while check in at the Immigration. For your info: West Malaysian can remain in Sarawak for 1 Month & Sabah for 3 months on social visit pass. While East Malaysian can remain in West M'sia for as long as they like.

After exit from the arrival hall, we purchase taxi coupon to go to Imperial Hotel.

Kuching airport to Imperial hotel cost RM26. I was told that taxi fare is expensive in Kuching due to public transportation is lacking.

 Airport outlook
Opposite the airport is the airport carpark. We did not see any tour bus / public bus except taxi and private cars. 

Imperial Hotel, Kuching

Imperial hotel Kuching is just 5 mins distance from the Airport. Google map shows shortest distance is 7.9 km (14 mins). But the taxi lady only took about 5 mins to reach the hotel. Well, she basically go round the Taman (residential area) using short-cuts to avoid some traffic. She also told us that we will be able to see the airport control tower from Hotel if our room is facing airport directions

 We arrived the hotel 10.50 am and I was lucky to be able to check in early since the room is ready.

The hotel provided complimentary shuttle service to airport and Kuching Waterfront. For the shuttle to Kuching Waterfront, pick up time is 10am daily and the van will drop hotel guest at Plaza Merdeka). While the pick up from Plaza Merdeka to Hotel is 4pm. The timing is just nice and enough for those who wish to explore the waterfront half day. 

Since we were not in time for the 10am shuttle (we arrived to the hotel around 10.45am) so we catch a taxi to Waterfront and the taxi fare is RM25 (fixed price). Click on the location for our 1st day tour to Chinatown and Waterfront.

Our room is located at 15th floor. The "Do not disturb" or "Please clean up" that usually hang at the door knob has been replaced by electronic device.  

Our home for the next two days in Kuching ~ This 4-stars business hotel is just complete somewhere last year so the everything in the room is spanking new! The price is pretty reasonable and all the reviews about the hotel is Good and highly recommended compare to others. Staffs are friendly and helpful, the free wifi connection is pretty fast and the coverage is wide - we can still use it in the mall (certain area near to the hotel). Great choice by my sister who did the booking for us.

Our room window view is facing hotel's new wing + partial city view. The new wing still under construction but no noise and no workers spotted starring at our window.  Probably because it is weekend and they are not working.

The first thing I will check when we enter the hotel room is the bathroom! The bathroom cleanliness is very important for me besides the clean bed! The bathtub is spanking clean! We enjoy the hot water bath to relief our tiredness before sleep during our stays.

I like the separate shower area. I was glad to found that the WC is equipped with basic bidet too!

Hotel Room Service
Result from an unsatisfied dinner on day-1, I order Sarawak Beef Keow Teow (RM21.00) through the 24 hours room service for my husband as he is hungry after the mall closed. The Sarawak Beef Keow Teow taste delicious (I hope there is no MSG added). 

 Every morning we had our breakfast at the Imperial Garden Restaurant.

Breakfast by the hotel
The breakfast provided is pretty good and a lot of variety! From local food (Chinese and Malay food) to Western style.

Boulevard Mall 

It was raining everyday from 4pm onwards until late evening except day-2! Thank goodness there is this Boulevard Mall next to our hotel (Imperial Hotel) and we can access to the mall through the side entrance at the lobby without going under the rain. We had our dinners here (for the 4 days in Kuching) and also hang around the mall after dinner.

The Halloween decorations next to the entrance from hotel to the mall as Halloween is coming soon!

The Mall has old wing and new wing, the favourite place we hangout is the 2 storey Daiso at new wing :)

Kim Bay Restaurant

Our Day-1 dinner is Kim Bay Restaurant which selling Hong Kong Macau Cuisine for our dinner. The restaurant is busy and full of diners inside. We give a try after seeing their banner says they are most Popular Hong Kong Macau Restaurant in town. 

 Chicken Chop Burger in Macau Style (RM5.90)
We share this chicken chop burger - taste ok. This is the only meal which we finished without any leftover among all orders.

Beef Brisket in Chu-Hau Sauce with Rice (RM9.50)
My order turn out not tasty at all. The beef brisket is tender however the radish taste raw and salty! isn't it the radish suppose to be cook together with the beef brisket in a stew? It feels like the radish was socked in salt water and just add-in later before the meal is served. The rice tasted like has been left over nightly. I end up only eat the beef brisket only and left the rest untouched.

  Portugese Style Chicken Baked Rice (RM14.90)
The cheese baked rice is a little bit too dry - there wasn't much gravy inside also the rice wasn't taste good - as I mentioned earlier it was kind of like the rice has been left overnight. Overall, the taste is still ok except again he did not eat the rice a lot and it is kind of waste food.

Hong Kong Macau QQ Chicken (RM6.90)
We were attract by the banner of this Crispy Hong Kong Macau QQ Chicken therefore we decided to dine in here. The QQ chicken turn out disappointing us! It is actually chicken ball coated with batter but not Chicken meat! They should rename the dish to QQ chicken ball instead.  

Not sure about their other dishes but our meal turns out not very satisfied! Our drinks - Ceylon tea in H.K. Style & Red Bean Ice Blended were fine. Taste similar to Kim Gary (a H.K style restaurant which we patronized frequent probably about 7 years ago in Penang).  


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