Namoo on the park, Publika (Korean Dessert Cafe and Bistro)

Last night hubby purposely came back early to go dinner with me ~ to celebrate our 3rd wedding anniversary. By the time he reach home, take a quick shower and ready to go out, it is almost 9pm, so we can't go too far. Boring with Solaris Mont' Kiara, Publika is our other choice for eat out nearby. I suggested to go Namoo On the Park. I heard about Namoo before from one of my BFF who been to their branch in Gurney Plaza, Penang and she likes their food very much. So I keep thinking to give a try someday.

Namoo on the park has been operate for 2 years. The restaurant has two entrance - in the picture is the entrance from the mall. Another entrance next to the children play ground. Love the old school feel entrance which can be a great photo booth to take photos. 

After the entrance (from the mall), there is a staircase to the upper level. The restaurant has two levels, but upper section is close probably due to not many customer on the weekday. I read from other blogs later about Namoo on the park - upper level has very homey decoration and nice place to chill-out. Perhaps next time when I come again I will be able to visit the upper level. 

Customer can choose to sit indoor or outdoor. Husband wanted the outdoor for better view (street view) but outdoor is not really ideal for us. Outdoor is meant as smoking area, plus the weather is a bit hot that night even there are ceiling fan outside. So we end up choose to sit at this corner overlooking the shopping mall thru the window. 

Husband © 
Happy 3rd Anniversary, Oppa! 오빠, 결혼 기념일축하해요! 사랑해요 <3 

Wife ©

Next to my seat there is a hanger hanging the menus and a old radio on the floor! (but husband who take photo missed out the old radio) 

Korean Soya & Honey Ttuk Bok Ki
This is my first time eat non-spicy tteokbokki. The tteokbokki has been slightly pan-fried before put into the soya sauce mixed with honey. The taste is great, children will like it very much. It is similar to GungJung Tteokbokki (궁중 떡볶이) which also called Ganjang Tteokbokki (간장 떡볶이) - Korean rice cake that cook with Soya Sauce. This is more sweeter version of Ganjang Tteokbokki. 

Bibi Rice burger
This combination of glutinous rice patties (which served as burger buns as well) with slice of cheese, a grilled chicken breast patty, a sunny side up (egg), and some tomato slices + lettuce is surprisingly yummy. It also served with fries, kimchi and salad. I found the rice burger buns taste close to taste of the rice in kimbap.

Grilled Prawn Aglio-olio
My husband is a pasta lover and very fond of Aglio-olio. I must say this grilled prawn aglio olio sauted with button mushrooms, garlic, and chilli slices is really delicious and the portion is just nice for my stomach! 

The menu and price! 

I only notice the message from the serviette after I finished my meal. A good idea for ladies who wish to keep their bags in a safe place while eating.

Namoo on the park, Publika's location


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