Kodawari Menya Udon & Tempura, 1 Mont Kiara, Kuala Lumpur

:: A Japanese restaurant selling authentic Japanese Udon open their first store in our neighbourhood ::

New restaurant in the neighbourhood! After 1 Mont Kiara renovated, the mall has bring in more new restaurants including 3 New Japanese restaurants! The first restaurant we try out is Kodawari Menya ~ Udon & Tempura Restaurant origin from Kogawa, Japan!

The restaurant located at the first floor - take the escalator next to O'Coffee Club you will see it right away when you reach 1st floor. This is a Pork-Free restaurant! 

Oh yeah, this is a self-service restaurant ~ very different from other Japanese restaurant that I dine-in before.

1. Choose your Udon
First, pick up an empty tray and choose which type of udon you like and make the order here. Wait for the staff serve you the udon on your food tray before you proceed to next one.

Friendly staffs smiles at our phone camera when they notice we took pictures.

There are up to 9 types of soup base you can choose ~ see their full menu here from their website.

2. Choose your favourite Tempura
Next section - choose any tempura you like (optional). You may skip if you don't want to have tempura. Besides tempura(s), there are fish cakes, boiled eggs and daikon (Japanese Radish) served in hot broth available as well. 

Ranging from deep fried prawns, croquette (chicken), mixed veggies, lotus root, sweet potato, egg-plant, pumpkin and mushrooms. I love most the choices of the tempura however I can't go for all as the size is not "small".  

3. Proceed to Cashier
Make your payment here - you may order your drink over here - if you order hot or cold green tea, the cashier will hand you an empty cup where you can fill up yourself later. Other beverages such as coke are selling as well. 

4. Condiment
After payment, take your tray of food with you and turn to Condiment table for the udon topping / garnish and tempura dip (e.g.: green onions, bonito flakes, tempura bits, minced garlic, sesame seed, soya sauce, sweet soya sauce, wasabi etc). And for those who order hot or cold green tea, you can fill your choice of tea here. 

Our Meals of the day

I had Niku udon (beef udon) + Kabocha (pumpkin tempura) & kakiage (mixed veggie tempura). I like my choice of udon. The thin slice beef is not only tender and also juicy, with the shuyu broth poured all over the noodles, the combination is perfect! 

Husband go for Kama-age udon - where the udon noodles served hot in a bowl with hot water, dip it into the dipping sauce before eat. He also choose Nasubi (egg-plant tempura) and 2 deep fried prawn tempura. 

5. Return the tray 
After meal, don't forget to return the food tray to the "Return corner" before you leave.

Signboard of Kodawari Menya branches in Japan spotted next to the kitchen and return corner. Good to have "udon & tempura" as a different choice when it comes to Japanese noodles, since there's quite a number many Japanese Ramen Restaurant around.

Kodawari Menya Udon & Tempura, 1 Mont Kiara
Address: L1-21A, Level 1, 1 Mont Kiara, 50480, Kuala Lumpur
Phone : 03-6206 1669