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Desa Sri Hartamas, Bread Fruits

Sunday morning, we just had our breakfast at Bread Fruits and I love their salmon toast very much!

 This cafe cum bakery is always pack with customer especially weekends.

Beside selling fruits, the cafe is also famous with serving natural and healthy food with top quality fresh fruit and vegetables, variety of organic dried goods, free-range eggs and wild black honey from Pahang! Just google Bread Fruits you can find a lot of reviews and blogs about Bread Fruits just like I do.

So, what we ate today for breakfast?

SatisFry Up @ RM23.80 Husband's choice: Choice of pork sausage or bacon, eggs scrambled or sunny-side up, sautéed mushrooms, roasted cherry tomatoes, mashed potato and arugula, served with rye toast and a choice of tea, coffee or fresh fruit juice of the day. Juice of the day is orange. 

My choice ~ Smoked Salmon Avocado Sandwich (RM19.80)
My choice: Sandwich with smoke salmon, avocado, arugula, capers and onion with home-made lemon cream sauce, served with salad of the da…

Sarawak, Kuching, Bako National Park

Despite the cloudy sky and heavy downpour last night that might cause the hiking became risky or dangerous, we still proceed to Bako as we do not want to miss this oldest national park in Sarawak.
The taxi lady we met yesterday (Ms.June) arrive on time to pick us up. It's about 45mins Imperial Hotel to Bako National Park. She charge us RM60 for one trip. However we did not book her for return trip as we plan to travel back to city via public bus. Reason why we go to Bako via rented taxi is because the public bus don't pass by Imperial Hotel.

Public Bus fare is cheap - RM3.50 per pax for single trip. Since we need to pay RM25 to go to Waterfront to catch the bus, we prefer to go in a convenient way. If you stay in waterfront area, you may refer to the following for the public bus that going to Bako. 
Bus Info: Red public bus no.1, originating from the wet market beside the Electra building, which will also pick up passengers from the burger stand opposite Riverside Majestic Hot…