Jeju, Seogwipo-si, Pyoseon Haevichi Beach | 제주 서귀포시 표선해비치해변

Day 5
Autumn in Jeju, 2014

After visited Seongsan Ilchulbong, we came to Pyoseon Haevivci Beach - one of the largest & beautiful beach in Seongwipo-si, located just opposite the Jeju Folk Village (제주민속촌). The kids (my 2 nephews) has been wanted to play at the beach since arrived in Busan few days ago, finally we make it at Jeju - at Pyoseon Haevichi Beach.

What's special about the beach is, during high tide, the U-shaped beach will turn into a circular lake less than 1 meter deep, separated from the sea. While during low tide, it turns into a great place for adults & children to chill out or play. The sand is soft and delicate on feet. After play or get wet, there's a public toilet with shower rooms & dressing room for clean-up or changing clothes. 

There's a white lighthouse near the shore (right hand side in the pic) where the Korean Drama "IRIS" (2009) final scene was film. The final scene where Kim Tae Hee waiting for Lee Byung Hun at the lighthouse but Lee Byung Hun was assassinated and died looking at the lighthouse direction. I did not visit that lighthouse since I've visited similar one in Busan. But if you are a K-Drama fan maybe you won't want to miss out to visit the site and take a picture since you are here at Pyeseon Haevichi Beach.

It was almost sunset, around 5pm (Korea time) when we're here. It was low-tide, my nephews were happily running around the beach, digging the soft sands and picking up shells. While the adults gets to chill out together while supervising the kids. 

An unknown sea creature that looks like a cockroach found wandering around the rock captured by husband.

My parents in laws are happy to be able to spend time with their first grandchild - my niece SeungJi since they live apart (Busan and Jeju). My sister-in-law captured a nice picture of Seung Ji playing at the beach.

Along the beach there's camp-ground around a square, and also sculptures of Haenyeo (Women Diver). And I love this picture of my mom & my mom-in-law with the Hae-nyeo Sculptures very much here! 

Pyoseon Beach equipped with good amenities, the beach has abundant parking space which is free of charge - great for those who self-driving around in Jeju-do like us. The beach is serene, less crowded and not commercialized compare to some other beaches in Jeju, probably because the location is slightly far off from Jeju city. Worth to pay a visit if you happens to be at Jeju Folk Village. 

How to go there [by bus] :  
From Jeju Airport, take Bus no. 120-1 or 120-2 to Pyoseon Folk Village (or known as Jeju Folk Village). 

Pyoseon Haevich Beach (표선해비치해변)
Address : Minsok Hae-an-ro, Pyoseon Myeon, Pyoseon-ri, Seogwipo-si, Jeju-do 
                 제주특별자치도 서귀포시 표선리 표선면 민속해안로