Jeju, Seogwipo-si, Soesokkak Estuary | 제주 서귀포시 쇠소깍

Day 6
Autumn in Jeju, 2014

My sister listed Soesokkak Estuary as a must-visit place in our Jeju trip. It is indeed a good recommendation!  It is a hidden picturesque scenery in Seogwipo ~ comprised of lava rocks cliffs, pine forest, turquoise estuary with clam flows and deep blue sea with strong waves and where sea water meet the fresh water! An beautiful and relaxing place with scenic views! 

Located at the mouth of the Hyodoncheon Stream. Soesokkak was originally called ‘Soe-dun’, which means a lying down cow. It became more widely known as Soe-so-kkak later where "Soe" is cow, "So" is ponding or a pool of water and "Kkak" is the end of.

This is what you can do in Soesokkak:
1. Ride on the Teu, water bicycle or transparent kayak along the estuary while enjoying the magnificient view (charges apply).
2. Go to the black sand beach & view the point where sea water meet fresh water.
3. Enjoy the scenic view of estuary from top - by following the trail stretch along side of the estuary to the "end of Soesokkak".

The wooden flat boat with two row of benches is Teu (테우).

And the transparent kayak .. can you spot it?

Teu, Water Bicycle & Kayak 
Initially we plan to ride on the Teu - a traditional flat wooden boat that has been used for hundred years to ferry people across the estuary. What special about Teu is, it is pulled across the estuary by a long rope that strung between two banks by the boat-man. 

Teu is suitable for a family in group like us with young children and elderly compare to kayak or water bicycle. Unfortunately we were not able to ride on the Teu. Apparently the queue (reservation) is already up to 2pm, we have to give up as we were leaving Jeju to Seoul at 4pm that day! For your info, we were here at Soesokkak at 9.30am. Due to popular demand, suggest come early if you do not wish to wait for hours for your turn. The ticket starts selling at 8am onwards but you only can start the water activities from 9am onwards. Check out VisikitKorea/Soesokkak for the pricing.

When sea water meet fresh water
And, don't miss to check out the point where the turquoise colour fresh water from estuary meet with deep blue sea water. It's amazing that the water surface at estuary still remain calm despite there's waves at the beach. I should have taste if the water at the mix point if it is salty or not (less) salty lol. 

The black sand gives a totally different view from the green lush scenery at the Estuary! 

The signboard near the beach & the dock, shows that Teu & Water Bicycle Ticket Counter is located at the Soesokkak Parking Area. While Transparent Kayak Ticket Counter is next to the C&U convenient store, same row as Parking area. Both are 200-250m away from where the water activity held.

Souvenier shops, convenient stores, cafes and restaurants along the road in Soesokkak. Since it was our last day in Jeju, we bought some Jeju souveniers e.g. Jeju tangerine chocolate, dol-hareubang deco and etc from here. 

The parking area where ticket office for Teu, water bicycle & Transparent Kayak located at.  Seosokkak is not easy to reach by public transport (bus) - it required some 20-30 mins walk or 10-15 mins ride by taxi after take bus to the nearest stop. And for those who are driving (like us), the parking is free!

How to go [by Bus] : 

1) From Jeju International Airport - take Limousine Bus 600 to KAL Hotel (the last stop).
From the bus stop, take a taxi to Soesokkak Estuary (쇠소깍, 10-15min).

2) From Jeju International Airport - take Bus 100 to Jeju Intercity Bus Terminal.
From the terminal, take an intercity bus bound for Namjo-ro (남조로).
Get off at Hyodon Middle School (효돈중학교) and walk about 20min to Soesokkak.

Soesokkak Estuary (쇠소깍)
Address: 128, Soesokkak-ro, Hahyo-dong, Seogwipo-si, Jeju-do 제주 서귀포시 하효동 쇠소깍로 128