Selayang Hot Spring | Kolam Air Panas Selayang

It's public holiday, I suggest to visit a nearby hot spring since husband never visit any before. Lazy to drive out of Klang Valley, we googled and found this Selayang Hot Spring which is 15.4km away from our house - around 15 mins driving distance.  

The hot spring is free of charge and you only need to pay RM2 parking fee (per entry) upon entering to the compound. 

After arrived, we can see the hot spring wells from where we park our car. The size of the area is smaller than we think. I read some blog and it mentioned due to some restrictions related to future commercial development, the hot spring only can occupied a very small area. 

The signboard written in Malay remind the visitors the following: 
  • It is prohibited to soak your legs into the well
  • It is prohibited to do laundry in the well
  • Make sure you are in proper wear when you bathing.
Lastly, use at your own risk. 

There are three wells in the square with three different size and different degree of heat. Compare to other hot spring spots in Malaysia, Selayang hot springs seems not-so-developed or run down. This is more like a place to cater locals Selayang folks (or KL folks) and not a tourist spot. 

When we arrived, there is a taxi carry two passengers from Mid-East arrived here at the same time. The Mid-East couple seems disappointed and they browse the wells in the square in a very quick way and left afterwards.  

This is well no.1 which located in the middle of the square. The well water is the hottest among all. The water need to pour it into buckets to cool off before it can be use for bathing. We are told by the locals that we might get burn if we dip your hand directly into the well. 

The well is in turquoise colour and the water is crystal clear compare to the other two wells. See video below for the bubbles that rising from the bottom of the well. We can smell sulfur when we get close to the well water. It is believed that the mineral content from the hot spring water helps in some healing process such as skin problems, rashes or muscle aches. 

Looks like the uncles are the regulars here. They come ready with bucket and tubes, soak themselves inside the tube while rubbing their back and legs with a small towel. The pool is under the shades of trees and it is pretty relax to enjoy the hot water bath here.

Well no.2 is the second hottest pool also has a turquoise color with a little bit murky water compare to the well no.1. It is the most popular well among all, local folks are taking bath directly pour the water from this well with buckets to their body.

There is a rectangle size pond with stone paver where we can sit at the edge and soak our legs (at the right of the picture where a lady in red t-shirt standing beside it). We did not plan to come here for hot spring shower so all we did is just soak our feet at the stone paver pool to try out the hot spring.

Well No.3 water is the least hot among all wells. Also least popular. There is no one use the water from well no.3 at all during our visit.

There are public toilets where taking shower is available here. Not sure why today it is so quiet and not even a stall is open. Hopefully the Selayang City Hall will beautify this place and maintain it as it is very run-down compare to those pictures we saw online.

How to get there:
Selayang Hot Spring is located on the left hand side of the trunk road as you travel from Jalan Kuching towards Selayang and Rawang direction. This spring is located just before the flyover that leads to Bandar Baru Selayang. Look out for the signage "Kolam Air Panas" and you will find a open car-park when you reach.