Hiking @ Bukit Gasing - via Suspension Bridge Trail & Watch Tower Trail

I used to went for hiking or jungle tracking alot, especially Penang National Park and Penang Hill. Ever since we move to KL, we never do that again. My last hiking probable was 2 years ago when I bought my Batch 4 Korean Students to Penang National Park! Last month I found out bout Bukit Gasing from a colleague who share her hiking activities in Facebook. I asked husband to go explore Bukit Gasing together on weekend and we went twice in a month. 

First hiking : Suspension Bridge Trail

First visit is an unplanned trip. We woke up around 9 something in the morning, pretty late compare to normal days. Then decided to go Bukit Gasing since I suggested that to husband. We bought Kimbab and meksubong (Korean cheese sticks) as our breakfast before depart, then reach the park around 10.20am. 

There is no proper carpark for the Bukit Gasing, everyone park their vehicle along the roadside. We park our vehicle nearby the playground opposite the entrance and saw this worn out signage of Bukit Gasing Route Map beside playground. Hopefully MPPJ (city hall) will replace it as it is very old and the paint is crack + peeling off.

It is happy to found out there is a fruit seller selling cut fruits and cold drinks not far from the park entrance where hikers can quench their thirst after hiking. Husband took this photo to record the starting point of our first hike. We follow other hikers and start from the trail next to the school gate. 

It seems like an alternative way and it still link back to the forest trail. Since there is no signage indicate where to go, we just follow other hikers and we reach the suspension bridge in 30 minutes later. It was an easy trail, not much uphill or downhill but still can make you sweat if you walk in fast pace. 

The suspension bridge. It is pretty quiet here and those hikers that we followed are ahead of us probably going to further destination.

The suspension bridge looks old (or dirty?) but solid. I suppose there is a stream run beneath the bridge but it is almost dried out. 

Here we are, set our foots on the suspension bridge in Bukit Gasing!

After crossing to another side of the suspension bridge, we saw this familiar red wooden bridge on our right, which linked to an alley of  some residential houses. We then recall we were here while searching for the correct entrance for Bukit Gasing Forest Park.

We were lead by the GPS here earlier. From a main road we drove up to a slope, then we saw a house with a long white wall extended to the forest area with barking dogs inside. At the end of the alley is this red wooden bridge. It seems like a dead-end for us, so we left and continue to search for the main entrance. Now we know it is one of the entrance to the park and you can see there are 3 signboards and 3 recycle bins by the MPPJ next to the bridge. haha

One of signboard with Bukit Gasing Map which can be found beside the red wooden bridge.

We decided to walk back to where we start via the main road but not the jungle. However it is not recommend to do so unless you are walking in a big group. I actually constantly worry of snatch thief or robber while walking in this quiet affluent residential area. It tooks us about 15mins to arrive our stating point and on the way we chew down two meksubong (Koean cheese sausage stick). 

In the past when we went hiking at Penang National Park, we will bought food with us for consume after we reach out destination (which is 1.5hours later). We didn't expect this hike could be that easy. So we end up have the kimbab in the car before going home.

Second Hiking : Watch Tower Trail

2 weeks later we visit Bukit Gasing again. This time we start from the park main entrance where you can find this wooden archway which written down "Selamat Datang ke Hutan Pendidikan Bukit Gasing".

Some beautiful flowers and plants after the entrance.

After the archway there is a small hut and a wooden sitting area where hikers can rest after the exercise or hike. Not far away you will find this reflexology stones path on your left. 

There is a small stream flow along the trail when we walk further into the park. After walk for few minutes we will reach a point where we can choose to turn left or right to different hike trails. 

We feel a bit lost and confuse where to go as there is no signage indicate where the trails will lead  us to. So we just go with the "proper path" and follow other hikers who familiar with the trail. 

30 minutes later, we arrived to the watch tower. The staircase a little bit "challenging" as it is pretty high and it is hollow between each step. The staircase only allow one person up or down each time. 

On top of the watch tower it is a little bit congested and cannot fit many people at one time. There are benches available for hiker to rest while enjoy the view. But there is also graffiti everywhere -pillars, handlers even benches (vandalism is bad!)

We can see telecommunication tower and the roof of Indian temple from watch tower as well. It will be our next destination on our coming hike.

After rest enough at the watch tower, we left the tower and the park from where we coming from.  

After our two times experience exploring Bukit Gasing (with no proper signage), I googled and found this Bukit Gasing Map from an old blog which will be helpful especially those who explore the forest park for the first time. 

How to get there:
If you are coming from KL on the Federal Highway direction: 
1. exit Left at the EPF building (you will see the signboard Jalan Gasing)
2. drive straight for a short distance and turn left into Jalan Lembah 5/2
3. Then fork right onto Jalan Tanjung 5/4 and continue to drive straight till you see the playground on your left / many cars parking at the roadside.