Dragon-i Restaurant | 龙的传人

We often eat-in at Dragon-i. First time tried their food is at their first branch in Penang- Queensbay Mall - where is queue is always very long and you need to get number and wait to be seated! (waiting hour can be up to 1/2hour or more sometimes). Later on they open another branch in Gurney Plaza where the restaurant is pretty small and seating arrangement is narrow! (also need to queue but only at the weekend). Then we move to KL, we visited few other branches at Pavillion, Sunway Pyramid, Aeon Bukit Tinggi, 1-Utama and The Curve.

We normally like their la mien and signature dish like Siao Long Pao. I conclude those dishes that we tried at Dragon-i before in one post.

Shanghainese Siao Long Pao
Dragon-i Signature Dish ~ Shanghai Steam Meat Dumpling. It is well-known for its mouth-watering meat filling and piping hot soup encased in each little dumpling. Gently lift up the dumpling with chopstick and spoon and not to poke a hole at the bottom, else you will lose the hot soup before you can eat it. Don't forget to dip it with the mixture of little bit of black vinegar and soya sauce on the sauce plate with ginger slices.

Husband can take whole dumpling in one go! While I will normally put the dumpling on the spoon, bite a hole and slurp all the broth before I eat the dumplings.

Black pepper knife-cut noodle with beef
Our all time favourite. Simply like the black pepper taste and the juicy tender beef slices which goes so well with the knife cut noodle. However the amount of beef slices in the noodle often is inconsistent. Sometime alot sometime less, depends on which branch we eat in.

Mapo-tofu Rice
A common and popular Chinese dish from Szechuan Province. Steam rice with tofu cook with spicy chili and bean-based sauce, and minced meat, served in a hot and sizzling stoneware.

Shanghainese Braised Pork Belly with Beancurd Leaves (with Fried Buns)
The pork belly meat was stewed till tender and has the essence of the gravy infused in it. Taste so great to eat with the Fried Buns together. Anyway 4 pieces of fried buns is not enough for us to finish the braised pork belly as we normally don't order rice. 

Deep Fried Bean-curd (tofu) with salt and pepper
I once try this after my sister recommend it, immediately fall in love with this dish. It taste even better with the chilli sauce. We never miss this dish whenever we visit Dragon-i.

Cold Pig Shank with Seasoned Jellyfish
This is an appetizer - cold dish from Jiang Nan Province. Husband was attracted by the word "Jiang-nan 江南" which is Gangnam in Korean when he saw the menu at first lol. Overall taste not bad. 

Szechuan "Dan-Dan" La mien in Hot and Sour Soup (left pic)
Hubby is crazy over this La mien and he keep order the same thing until he discover the black pepper knife-cut noodle with beef (lol). The hot and sour thick soup has minced meat and peanuts inside - very savoury. Recommended to try!

There are other dishes that we tried but never take photos: 

** Sautéed Diced Chicken with Dried Flower Chili Szechuan Style - taste great but portion a bit too big for two pax.

** Steam Meat Dumpling in Crab Roe Soup - you can drink the soup out from the dumplings before you eat the rest. I don't fancy the taste honestly - it has one kind of very strong fishy smell. Just my personal opinion.

** Beijing Ja-jiang La Mien - Dry noodle with minced meat and mushrooms with spicy sauce. I wonder what's going wrong with the taste. I actually take one bite and refuse to eat the rest. Husband tried and he also dislike. We guess it was because of the spicy sauce - we just let the food goes waste. 

** Seafood fried rice - taste is ok except it is a bit blanc. Need to seasoned with a little bit of soya sauce, they also provide the chili paste in case you dislike to soya sauce.

** Drinks - I am a fan of their fresh corn juice. We also like their herbal drinks - Winter Melon and Longan with Sea Coconut. 

For your info: The steam peanut served as appertizer when you sit down is RM2, wet tissue RM1 each and filter water also charge RM1 each. You may reject it if you don't want. If you return the wet tissue un-use when you pay the bill, they won't charge you for it - otherwise you will be charge even you did not use it and left it on the table.

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