Coconut Flower Seafood Restaurant | 椰花園海鮮餐館, Teluk Gong, Port Klang

We drove all the way to Klang thinking of visit Pulau Ketam however it is "unsuccessful". We decided to have seafood here before heading home. I goggled and found 2 options available for "Top Seafood Restaurant in Klang" (name repeatedly came out in result). One of them is Coconut flower Seafood Restaurant.

I been here once few months ago during a company departmental outing and the seafood is good and price is reasonable too. Husband decided to try the one I have tried before. We easily reach the location via GPS. The road towards the restaurant, similar with the road to Seafood Restaurants at Teluk Kumbar, Penang. The weather is very hazy that day, photos all turns out very greyish. After passing by a few seafood restaurant, here we are at Coconut flower Restaurant - the one has many cars parking in front of the restaurant.

Next to the big open space car-park, one of the dine-in area of the restaurant which looks like a Attap House (Long house) is full of diners.

Open air dine in area - the restaurant has a very huge compound to accommodate the crowd. Our table is not far from the kitchen and rest room area.

Coconut drink @ RM5
After place order, we had coconut drinks to relief our thirst. Hoever, the coconut meat is a bit too old! It is hard to peel off from the coconut shelf even we are using spoon! 

Fried Sotong (Squid)
Generous portion for 2 pax, fresh squid crunchy and yummy. 

Seafood Claypot Tofu
Taste good, but where is the claypot? lol 

Seafood Fried Bee-hoon @ RM18
We don't really fancy this - The bee-hoon too soft due to too much gravy. The seafood smells a bit fishy, so husband don't eat it at all. I alone try to swallow a least quarter of it. Before we order I actually ask the waiter any fried bee-hoon (dry type) available and he recommended this. Turns out it wasn't what we wanted!

Kam-heong Crabs
Finally, the reason why we were here ~ crab! We wanted buttered crab, but the option is limit to Dried Chillies Crab & Sweet Sour Crab. We chose Kam Heong instead. We order half kg crab since this is the minimum order weight. The crabs tasted very fresh and meaty, and the price is not expensive too -only RM36! Worth to come back again for fresh and cheap crab!