55 Cafe, Steward Lane, Penang

We went back to Penang for a short break. A good friend of us bought us to 55 Cafe for the famous 3D Art Coffee (in Penang). However, our first visit to 55 Cafe so happens to be the cafe last day in Steward Lane (off Chulia Street). We were told that they will move to 164, Lebuh Pantai and rename as COFFEE ON THE TABLE after 28 April, 2014. 

55 cafe is occupying an old heritage building that previously own by coffee manufacturer company named "Kim Guan Coffee Factory".The backyard where coffee bean were processed in the past has preserved as a gallery - where you can find the fireplace that use to roast coffee bean, some tools and also history of the company & their coffee beans displaying on the on the wall. Since it was their last day here during our visit, I wasn't sure what will happen to this place after this.

The cafe is not air-conditioned, only using ceiling fan and the weather is so hot! We can't help to sit next to a blower which explained why my hair is flying lol. The blower wasn't really able to cool down our body temperature anyway. We order 2 "3D Arts" Coffees, bacon back aglio olio for husband who haven't took lunch, and a potato wedges and tea for our friend.

Our first 3D airt Coffee~ OMG! Cuteness overload!  I really don't feel like want to drink it so it can remain like this forever!

3D Art Coffee 
"Hello Kitty" for me & "Lion Head" for husband! The 3D Art is made from Skim Milk foam and garnish with choco~ while design is depends on barista's choice, we didn't get to choose anyway. 

Pork Back Bacon Aglio Olio
Husband's late lunch. Delicious! Ever since we had the Aglio Olio from Bulgarian where husband declared that's the best Aglio Olio he ever had, he is so crazy over Aglio Olio. Lol!

Anyway, thanks to Jaspher, we have a great coffee moment before we begin our journey back to KL. 

55 Cafe, Penang
55, Lorong Stewart, 10300 Georgetown, Penang