Bul Do Jang Korean-Chinese Restaurant, Desa Sri Hartamas, Kuala Lumpur | 불도장

:: Our favourite Korean-Chinese restaurant in Desa Sri Hartamas for Jajjangmyeon, Tang-suyuk and Japchae-bap :: 

After Dae Bok Jang closed down, Bul-do-Jang has become our most frequent patronize Korean-Chinese Restaurant in Desa Sri Hartamas when we are looking for Jajjangmyeon and Tang-suyuk! The name of the restaurant Bul-Do-Jang (불도장 in Korean) is translated from the Chinese words 佛跳墙 (a legendary Chinese dish "Buddha jump over the wall"). Besides Jajjangmyeon, Jjampong, Tang-suyuk, Japchae-bap those common Korean-chinese dish we always order, they also have those chinese cruisine 中華料理 (Read as Junghwa-yori in Korean) price range from medium to high.  I wil share their menu next time.

Our all time favourite combo!
Introduce you our all time favourite dishes in Buldojang - Jajjangmyeon, Japchae-bap & Tangsuyuk. But beware as this meal is very huge for 2 pax, so we usually will take away half of the Tangshuyuk home.

Jajjangmyeom 짜장면
Jajjangmyeon - noodle in black bean paste. Their jajjangmyeon is one of the best so far we can find in town. The taste is similar as what I had taste in Korea. I'm glad we found another delicious Jajjangmyeon place nearby our house after the previous place we went closed down.

Jap-Chae Bap 잡채밥
If I feel like eating Jajjangmyeon, I will go for Japchae-bap - stir fried Korean glass noodle served with rice. The portion is a little to big for 1 pax and I normally couldn't finish the rice, so half of the rice will goes to husband. He will mix the rice into the leftover jajjang sauce after finish the Jajjangmyeon noodles. 

Tang-suyuk 탕수육
Tangsuyuk is a chinese meat dish in sweet and sour sauce. It can be made with either pork o beef. So far we have tried both and we prefer beef as it taste better than pork. 

Note : Buldojang located at the 1st floor, same row as Burger King or Guardian. They provide free delivery service within Mont' Kiara Area with minimum order of RM50 and above.

Bul Do Jang Korean-Chinese Restaurant 불도장 
Address : Lot 16, Level 1, Jalan 24/70A, Desa Sri Hartamas,  50480 Kuala Lumpur
Phone : 03 6201 3201