Kyochon 1991 (Malaysia) , 1 Utama Shopping Centre, Selangor

:: Kyochon - Korean fried chicken finally in Malaysia! ::

Finally, KyoChon is in Malaysia! Apparently it has been operate since end of 2013. KyoChon 1991 (교촌치킨 or 橋村) founded in 1991 (that explain why KyoChon 1991) is currently one of the largest Korean fried chicken restaurants chain in South Korea. If you googled and search what to eat in Korea - KyoChon fried chicken will appear in one of the must eat food if you visit Korea. They now have over 1000 restaurants worldwide, first expanding to USA, then follow by China, Thailand, Philippines, Indoesia and now Malaysia.

KyoChon not only famous with it's fried chicken, also famous with it's ambassador Super Juniors! Super Juniors has been the ambassador for KyoChon 1991 since 2009 and their latest spokesperson is Lee Min Ho. So when you enter to KyoChon, you will be welcome by Lee Min Ho standing poster near the entrance and seeing big poster of Super Junior on the wall while dine in. 

So yesterday, we have our lunch at KyoChon, 1 Utama and we tried the all the four flavour which is Original Soy Series, Red series, Honey Series and Salsal Series, all wingette and drumette. Their fried chicken menu is simple - you can choose either wingette & drumette or drumstick for each flavour., Soy series & Red series 5pcs @ RM9.90, 10pcs @ RM19.80 and 20pcs @ RM39.50. While Honey series & Salsal Series 5pcs @ RM10.90, 10pcs @ RM21.80, 20pcs @ RM43.50.

Original Soy Series - 5pcs @ RM9.90 & Red Series - 5pcs @ RM 9.90
The first 2 flavours served is the Original Soy Series (left) and Red series (right) wingette & drumette. The original soy flavour is the shop's original recipe - taste like lightly coated with soya sauce & garlic but not garlic bites spotted. While Red series is hot and spicy. According to the waiter the spicy was came from Korea red chilli pepper. 

Salsal strips - 5pcs @ RM10.90 
Third flavour is Sal-sal Strips (Right) - deep fried boneless chicken breast coated with special rice batter. It comes with choice of 3 dipping sauce - Jambalaya, Honey mustard or Red (Spicy). We choose honey mustard (the yellow dipping sauce). 

Enjoying the fried chickens while waiting for the fourth flavour ready. The waiter has informed us we might need to wait for a little as the fried chicken will be cook only after order placed, so customer can enjoy the fresh and crunchy fried chicken. 

Honey series - 5pcs @ RM10.90
The fourth flavour serve about 5 minutes later after the first 3 served (we didn't wait too long anyway). The honey series wingette & drumette taste sweet but not overdo, the best among all. 

We finished all 4 flavours x 5pcs = 20 pcs of wingette and drumette in a blink! Total bill cost RM54.10 Husband say the portion is too small for the price that he pay for 1 whole fried chicken in the Korean fried chicken shop that we often order for delivery haha. Anyway it is good to have the famous Korean fried chicken shop in town without travel to Korea. Good news is KyoChon 1991 is Halal and our muslim friend get to enjoy it too! 

KyoChon 1991, 1 Utama Shopping Centre
Address : LG 311, Lower Ground, No1, Persiaran Bandar Utama, 47800 Petaling Jaya, Selangor
Phone : 017-2833 676
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