Palsaik Korean BBQ | 팔색삼겹살, Solaris Mont' Kiara

Husband's ex-colleague open a Korean BBQ restaurant in Soho KL, so we are here to try out this new concept of Korean BBQ restaurant which is very popular in Korea lately. Palsaik means 8 colors in Korean - The 8 flavors of pork belly with 8 kinds of marinates representing 8 different colors

Their menu is very simple, there are only 3 sets of BBQ menu to choose:

Tricolor Set 삼한상 (RM92.00) 
Three Flavors Pork  + Fresh scallops + Grilled Deodeok Root or Premium Kimchi (choose one) - suitable for 2 pax

Eight-color set 팔색한상 (RM112.00)
Eight Flavors of Marinated Pork + Seafood Soup- suitable for 3-4 pax

Premium Set 명품한상 (RM142.00)
Eight Flavors of Marinated Pork + Seafood soup + Grilled Deodeok Root + Premium Kimchi - suitable for 3-4 pax

 Eight-Colors Set 팔색한상 @ RM112.00
We order the Eight-Colors set since it is their signature menu. The 8 different marinated pork belly slices are rolled up and place in a dainty plates serve display on a long rectangle wooden tray. Each flavors of marinates are indicate on the plate holders. 

The 8 flavours (marinates) are Ginseng sauce, Wine Sauce,  Pine Needles Sauce, Garlic Sauce, Herb Sauce, Curry Sauce, Soy Bean Paste Sauce and Hot Pepper Sauce.

The seafood soup (seafood dwenjang soup) that comes along the set. 

The veggies for the wrap are arrange in a long rectangle wooden tray too and it looks like a boat for me. We like the seafood dwenjang soup.It goes really well with barbecue pork.

The server first put the beans sprout and kimchi on one side of the heated grilled pan followed by the enoki mushroom, garlic and some green chilies.

He then lay the first 4 flavors of pork and grilled then slowly till well done.

After barbecue, all marinated pork looks the same on the appearance. But the taste is slightly different depending on the marinate sauce, you can tell the different if you eat the bbq pork alone without putting ssamjang in the wrap. 

The 8 colors set is just nice for 2 of us although it stated it is meant for 3-4 pax. Maybe we are big eater, lol. After I shared photos of our meal in Palsaik in my personal FB, few friends of mine went to try and they all commented it is good and very unique.

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