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Palsaik Korean BBQ | 팔색삼겹살, Solaris Mont' Kiara

Husband's ex-colleague open a Korean BBQ restaurant in Soho KL, so we are here to try out this new concept of Korean BBQ restaurant which is very popular in Korea lately. Palsaik means 8 colors in Korean - The 8 flavors of pork belly with 8 kinds of marinates representing 8 different colors
Their menu is very simple, there are only 3 sets of BBQ menu to choose:
Tricolor Set 삼한상 (RM92.00)  Three Flavors Pork  + Fresh scallops + Grilled Deodeok Root or Premium Kimchi (choose one) - suitable for 2 pax
Eight-color set 팔색한상 (RM112.00) Eight Flavors of Marinated Pork + Seafood Soup- suitable for 3-4 pax
Premium Set 명품한상 (RM142.00) Eight Flavors of Marinated Pork + Seafood soup + Grilled Deodeok Root + Premium Kimchi - suitable for 3-4 pax
Eight-Colors Set 팔색한상 @ RM112.00 We order the Eight-Colors set since it is their signature menu. The 8 different marinated pork belly slices are rolled up and place in a dainty plates serve display on a long rectangle wooden tray. Each flavors of marinat…