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Chicken House, Solaris Mont' Kiara | 치킨 하우스 (솔라리스 몽키아라)

Chicken House has been operate for business many years in Ampang. Recently they open a branch in Solaris Mont' Kiara  which is a good news for us as we now have another choice of Korean fried chicken delivery whenever we feel like want to have chi-mek.

Our impromptu trip to Chicken House on last Sunday night. We order ban-pan (half-half) fried chicken as our dinner. 
 The half-half chicken - (Left) Spicy Fried Chicken and (Right) Soya Sauce + Garlic Fried Chicken.

Soya Sauce & Garlic Fried Chicken This has become our new favorite after first bite! The fried chicken is so crispy, juicy and tender with the caramelized soya sauce coated on the outer layer of the fried chicken and little bit of minced garlic sprinkle on it, the taste is really unforgettable! It has become our must order fried chicken since then.

Spicy Fried Chicken Spicy Fried Chicken is more like fried chicken with spicy sauce. We normally can handle spicy very well, but this turns out spicy than usual. Anyhow we …

Busan, Nampo-dong, BIFF Square & HongKong BanJum 0410 Plus | 홍콩반점 0410+ (남포1호점)

Due to Chuseok holiday, traffic is not smooth in the city area especially nearby tourist spots area. After Taejongdae, we plan to go Jalgachi Market for lunch, but the traffic is so jam and we couldn't even go near Jagalchi. We decided to skip Jalgachi and stop by BIFF. Everyone starts to feel hungry after Taejongdae visit.
Facts about BIFF Square :It was built held the very First International Film Festival in Korea on Sept 13-21, 1996. Since then it has held total of Fifteen (15th) International Film Festival until the festival move to a new permanent home, which is the Busan Cinema Center in Centum City in 2011. 
Famous attractions including the 428 meter-long street stretching from the Buyeong Theater in Nampo-dong to the overpass in Chungmu-dong was divided into “Star Street” and “Festival Street”. Famous cinema chains such as Megabox, CGV and Lotte Cinema were gather around here, which include Busan First Movie Theater built in 1934. The cinema has not been remodeled yet peopl…

Busan, Gamcheon Cultural Village | 감천 문화마을

Gamcheon cultural village is one of my most wanted visit place in Busan for this trip. This village located in Gamcheon 2-dong also well known as Taegeukdo Village. Taegukdo is a religion established in 1918 and the village is established by the 4,000 Taegukdo believers in the past. The village formed with unique stair format which display in an orderly manner where the housing complex are built along it so not to block the adjacent housings (which pretty similar to Santorini therefore Gamcheon also knowned as Korea's Santorini). 
It's all the way up to Gamcheon 2-dong in a very steep road. When we spotted some murals on the walls during our way up, we knew Gamcheon Cultural Village is not far. (Photo taken when we cross the pedestrian flyover bridge from Gamcheon Primary School to the Gamcheon Cultural Village entrance.)  
Gamcheon Primary School is where we can park our vehicle. Saw the green bus opposite the school? That's where the Gamcheon Cultural Village entrance l…