Apgujeong Korean BBQ Restaurant, Solaris Mont' Kiara, Kuala Lumpur | 압구정 솔라리스 몽키아라

:: Korean BBQ dinner for our 2nd wedding anniversary :: 

If you like Korean BBQ pork and you are looking for one in Solaris Mont' Kiara, I would recommend you try out Apgujeong (Korean BBQ Restaurant). So far we have been here for BBQ pork several times and the quality of the food & service is remain great as our first visit. We don't often go for Korean BBQ when we dine out at Korean restaurant, this is because whenever husband have 회식 (company dinner) most of the time they will go for Korean barbecue restaurant. Today I feel like eating it, so husband suggest to celebrating our wedding anniversary here at Apgujeong.

We order 3 different types of pork meat at 1 serving each for the BBQ - Gochujang Samgyeopsal, Mok-sal and Hanjeongsal. Ban-chan (side dishes), a complimentary dwenjang-jigae and ingredients for the wraps (lettuce, sesame leaves, garlice slices, onion slices soak in vinegar, samjjang and sesame oil with salt) were served after we place order.

The view from our table! 
Apgujeong is located on the 1st floor, above OleOle Bali Restaurant or overlooking at Chilla Cup & Bon-ga Korean Restaurant. We were sitting at the outdoor. Apgujeong has indoors and outdoor barbecue tables, if you dislike become smelly due to the BBQ like me, outdoor definitely a great choice! 

So far we never grill the meat by our-self, most of the Korean Restaurant has waiter to grill it for customer, same goes to Apgujeong. The waiter first grilled the Gochujang samgyeopsal upon our request. He then cut the grill meats into bite size, remove from the grill after it is cook, and place into bowls equally for both of us to enjoy.

Gochujang samgyeopsal 
Gochujang samgyeopsal (고추장 삼겹살) is pork belly marinated with Korean Chili Paste. I like the sweet and mild spicy taste in the great marinade meat! The pork belly is very juicy and tender too! While we are enjoying the meal, the waiter changed the grill and start cooking moksal & hanjeongsal for us.

Moksal & Hanjeongsal 

Moksal 목살 is neck meat which is beautifully marbled. It has a deep flavour and tastes best when it is grilled. Typically comes in normal pork chop size. The meats grilling on the grill in 1st and 2nd picture is Moksal. The waiter has cut it into bite size pieces with a scissor as it is grilled.

Hanjeongsal 한정살 is the thin meat strips from front part of pork neck which has a detailed cuts with little bit fats attached on the meat, and very few portions come from one pig. The raw pork meat strips that not yet grill and still laying on the plate in both pictures is Hanjeongsal. These part is texturally quite different from other pork cuts - a bit chewy yet it is tender and juicy.

Throw back our last visit to Apgujeong 3 weeks ago with an old friend of mine who I never see more than 15 years! She and her good friend transit in KL for 1 night after a trip in Japan and before flew back to Indonesia. As what she preferred, we brought them to Apgujeong for a good Korean BBQ with Makgeolli and Jiggae! We have a short yet great reunion with good meal and good service from the restaurant. Really happy to see you again Sley. 

Apgujeong (Korean BBQ Restaurant)
Address : J-01-15-16, Soho KL, 2 Jalan Solaris, Solaris Mont' Kiara, 50480 Kuala Lumpur
Phone : 03-6211 4061