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Mr.Dakgalbi, Solaris Mont' Kiara

Another new Dakgalbi shop in town. Mr Dakgalbi just open it's first outlet in Solaris Mont Kiara. We came to know that when we received the flyer from the staff while looking for what to eat in Solaris MK. We were talking about Yooganae Dakgalbi that we have in Busan 2 weeks ago so when we saw their flyer the menu is similar, without second though we walk in and try!

There are 2 floors inside the Mr.Daklgalbi restaurant. Customer can choose to dine-in at outdoor too - especially for smokers and customer who dislike the odour that will leave on body & clothes after meal. We order the Dakgalbi for 2 servings - comes with 1 serving of sticky noodle, fried rice and cheese. 
Similar to Yooganae, Mr.Dak also have this big round iron outer layer that can cover the grill-pan to prevent oil from spatter to us while cooking the Dakgalbi! However the smell of grilling won't go away after you have your meal. Still need to go home and wash from head to toe to remove the smell. 
The Da…