Busan, Nam-gu, Uam-dong, Naeho Naengmyeon | 부산 남구 우암동 네호냉면

My first summer in Korea and our first time fly via Airasia direct to Busan! Now it takes only 6 hours 10 minutes from Kuala Lumpur to Busan! Really such a good news for us! Not to mention the flight tickets are almost half price cheaper than our previous trip (KL to Incheon, Incheon to Busan). I told my husband I want to eat Naengmyeon when we are in Busan. He remembers that, so today we are at Uam-dong for the famous Naeho Naengmyeon in this area. Uam-dong is also the place that hold alot of childhood memories for husband and his brothers. 

Naeho Naengmyeong is hidden in an alley of a traditional market from main road. The restaurant placed the big signboards on the rooftop, so it is not difficult to be located from main road. Despite its hidden location and difficult to reach via subway, many people doesn't mind to travel here to Uam-dong just to have a bowl of Naeho Naengmyeon.

We order Naengmyeon and steam dumplings. The steam dumplings served before the Naengmyeong served, just in time for us to fill our hungry stomach. I can finish all these mandu (dumplings) if I wasn't eating Naengmyeon! Yay, I am a mandu-lover!

The restaurant served hot broth instead of plain water. The broth has a smooth and savoury taste, and not as strong taste as normal soup we ate. It is more closer to the taste of broth that we drink at the stall that selling omuk (Busan fish cake) / tteokbokki (Korean spicy rice cake) during winter.

Naengmyeong is served! Did you notice the noodle is different from normal Naengmyeon? In Busan, Naengmyeon is called Milmyeon (Hangul: 밀면). Milmyeon meaning "flour noodle", it is long and thin noodles similar to buckwheat noodle which generally use in the Naengmyeon we used to eat.  

After my first bowl of Milmyeon, I prefer flour noodle compare to buckwheat noodle which need long time to chew before swallow down.  

In Korea, those famous eatery or restaurant (refer as Mat-jib) were often introduce in famous eatery programme. This restaurant with long history has been interview by all 4 major famous TV station eatery programme, so you could tell how good their Naengmyeon taste is!

The menu
Menu on the left is all about cold-noodles: Bibim-Naengmyeon (비빔냉면), Mul-Naengmyeon (물냉면), Bibim-Milmyeon (비빔밀면) and Milmyeon (밀면). Both Naengmyeon and Milmyeon customer can choose either bibim (dried version) or mul (soup version). Serving size can be either large or small size. 

Other than cold noodles, Gaori Muchim (가오리무침) is also available. Gaori Muchim is seasoned stingray or skate fish with red pepper sauce and slice vegetables. There are also Naengmyeon Sari (냉면사리) and Milmyeon Sari (밀면사리) if you want some extra serving of noodles for your order. 

Menu on the right hand side is winter taste (겨울철맛보기) - meaning warm and hot foods that prefer in winter season.  You no need to wait until winter to order this, they served it all year long :) Onmyeon (온면) is Warm Noodle Soup - a simple beef broth-based noodle soup. While bibim-guksu (비빔국수 ) or  guksu (국수) is noodle served in hot broth with some slices veggies, slices eggs and dried gim garnish on top. While the bibim-guksu as far as I know it is serving as cold noodle too. lastly, steam mandu (찐만두) is steam dumplings (recommended!). 

My cute baby niece SeungJi is a happy baby. She was born when I was in Bali attended best friend's wedding early this year. Finally we are able to meet her after 7 months later. 

After meal when we walk pass the alley to carpark, we found this old arcade machine which available during husband's childhood time. Again, it bring backs memories :) 

Before leave here, we took some photos at Uam-dong for memory. Husband said he spent a few years attending a primary school in this area before the family moved to another area (their current house). He never came here since the moved. Today's revisit to Uam-dong for lunch reminds the 3 brothers some good old days. I heard a lot of funny childhood stories too from my 2 brother in laws about my husband today.  

Uam-dong is just next to the port, shipping containers or container cranes can be seen along at the roadside. There weren't any subway station nearby. The nearest subway station below required some transit via bus / taxi: 
  • Beomil-dong Station (Busan Metro Line 1) is the only subway station where buses towards uam-2-dong will pass after Exit 9. 
  • Jigegol Station (Busan Metro Line 2), required 9 mins walking before able to ride on intercity-bus; suggest to take taxi if exit from Jigegol Station.

How to get here:
[Subway] Take Busan Metro Line 1 to Boemil-dong, Exit 9.
Take bus no.23 or no.68 to Uam-2-dong and stop in front of Busan Bank, turn right after Busan Bank, walk up the slope 500m. 

Uam-dong, Naeho Naengmyeon (우암동 네호냉면)
Address: 189-671 Uam(2)-dong, Nam-gu, Busan, South Korea
                부산 남구 우암2동 189-671
Phone: +82 51-646-6195