Busan, Haeundae, Suk-ssi won-han Daegutang (Mipo Main Branch) | 미포 속씨원한 대구탕 (미포본점)) | Cod Fish Stew

The morning before we leave Busan, we stop by Mipo, Haeundae for a hearty breakfast. This Suk-ssi won-han daegutang is a well-known Mat-jib selling Cod Fish Stew (Daegutang in Korean). It is also interviewed by those Korean famous eatery programmes before and many Korean actor and actress been here to have daegutang. Check out those Korean stars' signatures display on the wall when you visit the restaurant. 

Our hearty breakfast - Daegutang is served with rice, and side dishes such as kimchi, gim (dried seaweed laver), seasoned beans sprouts, seasoned fish cake, seasoned radish, chili peppers, cut onions, dwenjang paste and soy sauce (for seasoning the soup). 

Daegutang 대구탕 @ 10,000 won
Some interesting fact about Daegutang: There are two version of Daegutang - Spicy and non-spicy. In northern region, cod fish stew is known as Maeuntang (매운탕) where the cord fish is boiled with gochugaru (korean red chili powder) and some marinate sauce, so it is spicy and the broth is red. While in the Southern region, the cod fish is boiled and served with clean plain broth without any seasoning, just like what you see in the photo above. My brother in law told me that the name "Daegu" means 大口(large mouth) in Hanja. So cod fish is also known as large mouth fish. Daegutang is a perfect hangover soup among Koreans so it's one of the famous stew as breakfast.

Al-Mari (알마리) @ 6,000 won
We also had their seafood al-mari ~ super large size egg roll with big chunk of fresh crab meat and perilla leaf wrap inside. So delicious! Egg is known gyeran (계란), al (알) or dal-kyal (달걀) in Korean. Thanks to my in laws family, I always get to eat different kinds of delicious Korean food when we go back to Busan. 

Sukssi won han Daegutang (HQ) has move to Mipo, Jung-dong 3 years ago. It is located at the end of right hand side corner of this building where Navi Hotel and a raw fish restaurants is also in the same building.The restaurant is next to the coastline. After breakfast, we take a short walk opposite the restaurant before leaving and head to airport.  

Standing here in front of the restaurant, we could see Haeundae Beach in whole, Busan Marine City and Dongbaekseom APEC House (the green mountain slope at left of the photo). 

Haeundae Mipo Ferry Terminal (부산 해운대동백섬 유람선) is located just right opposite the restaurant. It is a 3 levels building in red. In the terminal, there is this Covea Cruise where tourist can take the cruise for a sightseeing tour along the Busan harbor.

Husband is pointing at the Terminal (where we are). 
The map shows Covea Cruise sightseeing tour will heads towards Oryuk-do from Mipo ferry terminal, along the way there will be great views of Busan attraction points such as Haeundae beach, APEC house, Gwangan Daekyo, Igidae Park and etc. Just google and you will find some blogpost about sightseeing tour via cruise or ferry from Mipo Terminal. 

Not far at the right of the terminal, there are quite a numbers of fisher boats return from fishing trip and fishermen busy drop off their catch of the day near the dock. While the ahjumas busy cleaning the fishes loaded down from the fish boat and transfer them to the basket. This is an interesting view here at Mipo, it seems  like a small fishing village here, yet there are modern high rise buildings at the background, and the famous Dalmaji-gil is just 500-600 meters away on the slope from here. 

Suk-ssi won han daegutang at Mipo is the one with yellow signboard in the photo and it is operate 24 hours. Therefore it is famous among local Koreans to come here for hangover soup for breakfast after a heavy drinking session the night before.