Busan, Geumryeonsan, Cloud Hill Cafe | 금련산 구름고개 찻집

The weather for is very hot when we arrived Busan although it is almost end of summer. Luckily second day on-wards it started to rain and it chase away the heat. After lunch at Uam-dong,  Alyong (my brother in law) drive us to Geumryeonsan to chill out. Geumryeonsan is located at nam-gu and it is famous spot for Busan night view. We drive up to Geumryeonsan, decided to drop by the highest coffee shop in Busan~ 구름고개 찻집 Cloud Hill Cafe for a cup of coffee and beautiful Busan view. 

We park our car at the open area next to the telecommunication tower. Look for the signage with Olleh Telecommunication Tower and Cloud Hill Cafe at the road side with a split road which go up to a slope, there you will be able to see the tele-communication tower and Cloud Hill Cafe entrance with white color gate.

 Cloud Hill Cafe is located on a slope on top of the peak of the mountain. Therefore it has a most beautiful Busan City view from 360 degree angle! I was so amazed with the scenic view from the carpark till we reach the cafe outdoor terrace. 

The pathway to the cafe will display a different feel on a different season. On Spring the flower will be blossom beautifully, on Fall the trees might turn yellow and red, while on Winter the plants might be dry up and looks bold.

We arrived Cloud Hill Cafe and it's outdoor terrace.  Love the large windows of the cafe that made from wooden house.

We first walk to the outdoor terrace for the magnificent Busan city view.

 Busan metropolitan city view with Gwangan Daegyo and Haeundae from cloud hill cafe.

Husband's home (or the neighborhood that he is living in Busan) is somewhere in the middle of this picture.

It's beautiful isn't it? I will return for the night view if there is a chance. 


You just need to buy a drink in order to enjoy the beautiful view at Cloud Hill Cafe. So, we order iced cappuccino, iced coffee and ice latte. Beside coffee, they also have tea, herbal tea, fresh fruit juice, cordial drinks and toast. Price range from 5000 won to 8000 won. The weather is cloudy and not hot plus a little windy so we can enjoy it with the view at the terrace. 

We @ Cloud Hill Cafe

Husband & his brother @ Cloud Hill Cafe
My baby niece Sueng Ji sleeping soundly in her daddy's arm. She probably tired of travelling with us everywhere but so far she is a happy baby and not fussy! 

Down the slope there is an orchard with beautiful landscape belongs to Cloud hill where we can pay a visit. The entrance to the orchard also write down Cloud Hill Cafe and it is located before the slope to the telecommunication tower and night view observation deck. 

It started to rain after we spent around 15 to 20 minutes outdoor. So we moved to the indoor while waiting for the rain stop. The cafe interior is cottage style, very warm, calming and cozy.

Vintage rose fabric sofa that arrange in face to face position beside the window. All seats has it's own window view and private space for chit-chat and drinks.

A perfect place for afternoon coffee. I don't mind to visit here often if I live in Busan. 

Seungji woke up from her nap and seems like she likes her 큰아빠 (eldest uncle) very much. The rain doesn't seems will stop in a short while. We left with umbrella under the rain after waited half and hour as we have a dinner appointment with parents in law - celebrating my father in law's birthday!

No bus is running up to the peak to Geumryeonsan, however you can hire a taxi to go up here or hike up from nearest station - Read Visitkorea page for more info. You won't be alone hiking up as many locals spotted walking up to the peak while we on our way up.