Menya Musashi Tokyo Ramen | 麺屋武蔵, One Utama Shopping Centre

We just discover Eat Paradise at Isetan, 1-Utama Shopping Center. They have few numbers of Japanese restaurants inside the food paradise, so far we have already tried Gantetsu (Hokkaido Ramen). Today we are going for the Menya musashi (Tokyo Ramen). It is always long queue at Menya Musashi Tokyo Ramen. Well, long queue means the food is delicious! So today we going to wait no matter what.  

The Menu
We were browsing on the menu while wait to be seat. First you need to choose which ramen you want: Normal Ramen, Ajitama Ramen (with egg), Chashu Ramen (with barbecued pork). Then you select which type of soup base to go with the ramen of your choice : Shiro (WHITE) | Onion Flavour Oil; Kuro (BLACK) | Special Oil Combined of Fried Shallots and Garlic Flavour Oil or Aka (RED) | Chilli Flavour Oil. They also have Musashi Special Set which is available from Monday to Friday. 

Samurai posters as wall decoration in the restaurant! We are lucky, we didn't wait that long to get our seats. It is a self-service restaurant therefore you need to place your order at the cashier counter and pay first before you are seated.

An interesting fact bout the restaurant: the kitchen staffs will constantly shout out some Japanese word in a samurai style when they done cooking one bowl of ramen (pull out the noodles from boiling water, drained it and place on a bowl). 

Husband go for Aka Chashu Ramen as he love spicy flavor - it comes with 2 slices of chashu and a semi hard boiled egg. The spiciness is mild and the soup base is not as thick as my Kuro chashu ramen. However it is very tasty.

Mine is Kuro chashu ramen - the broth is so thick and creamy and I immediately fall in love with the unique aroma that created from the combination of Fried Shallots and Garlic Flavour Oil.

Closer look of the spongy noodle - I don't normally eat yellow noodle but this noodle doesn't have the usual yellow noodle taste that I dislike. Overall, yummy and we will come again for sure.


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