Tirtha Bridal: Tirtha Uluwatu & Tirtha Luhur, Bali

:: Best friend's wedding - one of the most beautiful wedding I ever attended ::

Sharing herewith some beautiful moment of my best friend's wedding at Tirtha Uluwatu & Tirtha Luhur - a breathtaking place located at a cliff top at Southern Bali. The ceremony was held in the afternoon. After breakfast & dressed up, we were transport by a charter bus to Tirtha Uluwatu from the Hotel Le-Grande where we stayed. (Read my review on Hotel Le Grande Bali Uluwatu here.). From main road, the bus enter into remote area before reaching Tirtha Uluwatu.

Upon arrive, we were welcome & greet by the smiley receptionists & bride's family member before usher down the staircase to the courtyard & waiting area.

The Courtyard

We hang around at the courtyard with beautiful Balinese landscape while waiting for the ceremony to start. Bali is so hot, much hotter than Malaysia. 

Guest Lounge

The guest lounge is just next to the wedding pavilion. A simple cocktail session is held for the waiting guest while waiting for the ceremony to begin. The lounge is air-conditioned, however it is not cooling as the doors were widely open. We were sweating profusely and I can feel my makeup is melting lol.  

The other side of the lounge is facing the sea and has a wooden deck on top of a pool. We could see the wedding pavilion which looks like a glass chapel when we step out. The view is breathtaking! 

Our first photo with the breathtaking view! But in actual situation, everybody runs back to the shelter area after the photo is taken. Not only we feel like being roasted under the hot sun, the metal white chair that we were sitting at are burning hot too. haha!  

Wedding Ceremony

When the wedding ceremony is about to begin, the staffs invited everyone walk over to the wedding pavilion which is built on top a pool. The pavilion architecture looks like a white chapel that build with glass. Same goes to the interior design.

Inside the wedding pavilion
The Groom is anxiously waiting for the Bride to make her entrance. Just like most of the wedding ritual, the ceremony starts with greetings, follow with match-in by both parents, best men and bridesmaids, then the Groom and the Bride. 

The ceremony ritual card that placed on every seats for guests.

After the entrance, a beautiful songs then presented by the house band with angelic voice specially for the Groom and Bride. In front of every guest, the couple read the vows &, exchange rings. The Marriage Registrar make pronouncement of the marriage, follow by signing on the marriage certs and the couple kiss to seal the deal!

And, this is one of my favorite part ~ everyone is invited to step out from the pavilion which is facing the sea, and release these colorful balloons to the sky after a count down. The wedding ceremony then come to the end with Groom & Bride shower by flower petals when they make their way out of the wedding pavilion.

Wedding Dinner @ Tirtha Luhur

After the wedding ceremony end, we were transfer to Tirtha Luhur by bus - where the wedding dinner will be held. It's just few miles away from Tirtha Bridal. The dinner ceremony is expecting to start during sunset. After some light refreshment, we hang around at this beautiful place taking photos, chit chat and watching sun begins to set. 

Celia and I have not been seeing each other for many years, same goes to Hooi Chin.

Secluded beach when we look down from the cliff.

The swimming pool reflect the sky and the clouds like a mirror.

I love this lovely corner that setup for guest to leave love notes for the newly-wed in these pastel color card.

 When the sky starts to get darker, the resort staff light up the fire tower with gasoline.

I have no words to describe this breathtaking scenery. Bali is famous with sunset. Don't miss the sunset when you visit Bali. It's truly magnificent. 

The Dinner Hall 

When the sun begin to set, we were invite to sit inside the dining room according to our name on the table, waiting for the wedding dinner to begin. A long table has been setup on the stage for bride and groom, and their parents and family. facing at the guest tables.

After everyone seated, MC of the night announced the arrival of groom and bride under the beautiful sunset & mini fireworks. So romantic! 

And the buffet dinner sessions starts after a short greeting. The buffet served Japanese, western and Indonesia food to suits everyone's need. I go for Japanese food. In case you wonder, the food taste good! 

Just like those dinner wedding I ever attend, the itinerary goes with cake cutting, thank you speech from the couple and parents, interview by the MC, speech or words from the guests. We also entertain by a very stunning traditional Balinese dance performance. 

After the dinner, groom & bride have their first dance outside the dining hall and did the bouquet toss. The bouquet was first throw into the pool haha! Second toss, finally the wet bouquet is received by one of the bridesmaid who is also bride-to-be soon. The ceremony officially finally end with a 5 minutes long fireworks, an unforgettable wedding event I ever attended! 

Tirtha Bridal
Address : Jl. Uluwatu, Br. Dinas Karang Boma, Desa Pecatu, 80364 Bali, Indonesia
Phone: +62 361 8471151


  1. may I know, is it possible for outsider to go there just to took some photo?

    1. I don't think so since it is a private event property. But you can contact them to check if you can do so. :) who knows!


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