Bali, Pura Tanah Lot

After GWK and check-in to hotel and put down our luggage, our van driver bring us here to Tanah Lot. Tanah Lot is famous with the temple that sits on a large offshore rock & boast by travel agency as the best spot for sunset in Bali. However, we choose to come in the noon instead we wanted to have sunset dinner in the evening.

The gateway into Tanah Lot. The Entrance fee is Rp.30,000. The driver purchase the tickets for us and lead us to the gateway while he will be waiting for us at the parking lot. Due to the hot weather, we purchased ice-cream at the convenient mart near the entrance and it cost Rp.20,000 for a Walls Cornetto (ice-cream). 

You don’t see the beach straight away – it’s a walk through a small town with souvenier shops and restaurant side by side before you go down a stair onto a rather small beach.

Balinese women special skill, carry the goods in a big round bucket on top of their head and able to walk in fast pace + talking on the phone.

After few minutes walk, we can see the gateways to Pura Tanah Lot from far. And the sound of strong waves started to be hear.

This is the first level of the gateway of Tanah Lot. There is one more as we walk down the stairs.

One of the Hindu God Statue which I do not know the name.

Looking up to where we walk down from ..

And we reach the seaside - Due to high way, the pathway to the shrines is closed and not permitted to entry. 

Next to the pathway on our right there is a Holy worship place where visitors are not allowed to enter. I bought a kite here from a seller who sitting under the tree outside the workship place. The kite is very unique, is like a bird which can flap and fly pretty far after twist the rubbers for several rounds and release it to allow it to fly.

The beaches and rocks here are all black, even the shrines. We walk further up to a higher slope for a better view of  Pura Tanah Lot.

Pura Tanah Lot during high tides - a temple perched on a little rock island that can be accessed by foot during low tide.

 Close up of the Shrines - Pura Tanah Lot.
My friend took a photo for me with Pura Tanah Lot with his new Samsung phone. The photo turns out brighter than the photos I took with my iphone 4. ^^ After this we walk down the slop and walk up to another higher slop towards Pura Batu Bolong. 

Pura Batu Bolong

Pura Batu Bolong is another small shrine situated a short distance north of Pura Tanah Lot. It is perched at the end of a rocky promontory that leaps seaward into the surging Indian Ocean. Many tourists tends to lump it with Tanah Lot probably because Pura Batu Bolong is not that familiar. 

The natural archway of Pura Batu Bolong curves towards the ocean.

We stood near the lookout point and watch the strong wave hit the shores again and again until the water filled the archway. 

The archway is totally filled with wave after a few his.

Walk further up you will see the Gateway into Pura Batu Bolong.

After the gateway, there is a pathway lead to the shrines. The Shrine gate is locked probably due to high tide.

 We stand on the pathway watch the strong waves and almost get wet when the wave hit very high!

Took a picture here -standing at the lookout point between Pura Tanah Lot and Pura Batu Bolong! We spent about 1 hour here and I got a sunburn after this visit!

After the visits, we had our lunch at the shops that we pass through as we coming in. I had Bakso (Indonesia Soup Noodle with meats) at Rp.32,000, and a tin of coffee cost Rp.5000 which still reasonable price for a tourist area. 

After lunch, spend another 1 hour to do some shopping. I bought canvas bags, tee & shorts for the kids, key-chains all cost me around Rp.15,800. We did not really bargain as we think the price is cheap enough. We left Tanah Lot and heading for sunset dinner at Jimbaran. 

Next: Sunset Dinner at Bali Cafe 21, Shopping at Krishna Oleh-oleh Khas Bali, Bintang beer at Tequila bar and BeachWalk Shopping Mall.