Bali, Sunset Dinner at Bali Cafe 21 Jimbaran, Krishna Oleh-Oleh Khas Bali, Tequila Bar, BeachWalk Shopping Mall

We are going for sunset dinner at Jimbaran. However the driver told us that the roads leading back to Kuta now would be really jammed - as it is after working hours, locals are heading homes now and also it will be packed with all the tourists with rented car heading back for sunset dinner like us.

 Yeah .. we stuck in jam at Kuta area..for about half an hour.

 The road are filled with cars and motobikes!

Spotted a nice boutique shop while stuck in a jam ~

Sunset Dinner at Bali Cafe 21, Jimbaran

We arrived before the sunset - above 6.30pm. We were lead to behind of the restaurant where tables are set along the beach, and we can have our dinner while watching sunset. However it starts drizzling when we are walk around the beach while waiting for food to be served! So we end up switch to indoor as the strong wave and strong wind with rains make it hard to dine-in at the beach.

The Sunset Dinner
Our dinner is Balinese Grilled Seafood set dinner- everything is grilled / barbecue except the fried squids! Grilled crab, grilled fish (stingray), grilled clams and grilled prawns. It comes with a veggie dish taste similar to Malaysia's kangkung belachan. It wasn't very delicious, but it is not taste bad either. It taste like everything is grilled on charcoal without seasoning. We are hungry after Tanah Lot trip so we finish almost everything except the crab which is not so meaty and nothing much to eat.

The restaurant is pack with alot of diners! Most of them are tourist as they are sharing a very long table and sitting in groups.

Outside the restaurant, many rented car / van drivers were sitting on the bench or chairs waiting for the customers having dinners. It's 7.30pm, the sky totally dark after we spend one hour dinner here.

This is the grilled seafood restaurant we dine-in ~ Bali Cafe 21. Along the street there are other many similar restaurants serving grilled seafood for sunset dinner too.

Krishna Oleh-Oleh Khas Bali

On the way back to hotel, the driver suggest us to drop by Krishna Oleh-Oleh for shopping as our last stop. For those who are looking for cheap souvenir in Bali, Krisna Oleh-Oleh Khas Bali is the best place to go. You’ll find almost everything here - from Balinese hand-made items, souveniers, clothings, foods, household items even paintings! This place is like wholesale mall - with air-conditioned. 

We complete our shopping list for Bali souvenirs here! lol. Do drop by Krishna Oleh Oleh to take a look you will find that some souvenirs you saw in tourist attractions area mostly are selling here with cheaper and better price!

Tequila Bar

Back to hotel, shower and rest for a while, we came out for a beer (complimentary draft beer from Hotel) and walk around the nearby area.

First time try out the Indonesia Bintang beer - taste similar to the Thai Beer. I am not a beer person but it's good to take a few sip while chill-out at the bar.

Tequila bar is just right in front of our hotel at Kuta beside the main road. This main road in Kuta is still very busy and jam with cars even during night time! Poeple that hanging out at the bar mostly are tourist.

Nice bar with live bands. After rain the weather is more cooler than morning and it is really nice to sit here watching live bands and busy street.

BeachWalk Shopping Mall

We were happy to discover this BeachWalk when we further explore down the Kuta Street. It's a brand new modern shopping mall with clothing brands that familiar for us as well as restaurants!

 There is a man-made river flowing between the shops and restaurants at the ground floor.

 While one floor above there are two gardens on the roof in the middle of the square.

Most of the shops and restaurants are closed after 10pm when we are here, but there are still people hang out on the garden. The top floor of the mall is still under renovation, remember the Balinese women who carry things in a basket on top of their head in Tanah Lot? We saw women workers carry the sands from one side to another side with the similar method at the construction site. Really salute women who doing this job as we notice they make many trips without stop.

On our way back to hotel, we saw this cute mini tourist police car and man ride on a cart pulled by horses running on Kuta Street. This is my second time seeing this today. Not sure if this is one of the tourist attractions in Kuta.

End of our day 3 in Bali.


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