Bali, Mount Batur, Kintamani

Mount Batur, Kintamani

Our driver bought us to Mont Batur for lunch at Sari Restaurant. We pay IDR35,000 entrance fee at a toll gate (more to like a police / army stops) before the vehicle allow to drive up to a mountain road.

The Sari Restaurant 
We arrived around 1pm. Outside the restaurants the rented car drivers were smoking or chit-chat while waiting for the tourist to have their meal. On the way up here, we spotted there are quite a numbers of restaurants with similar concept too - built at the edge of the mountain with observation deck behind the restaurant as attraction point.  

The outdoor dining area at the balcony with viewing platform that overlooks Mount Batur and Lake Batur which always fully-occupied. Those empty seats were taken actually, the diners are inside the restaurant queuing to take their food.

The view is amazingly beautiful. We were lucky to get the outdoor seat to enjoy panorama of Mount Batur mount and lake view while having our lunch. The weather was cloudy and it was drizzling in the morning, still we able to get a clear view of Mount Batur.

That's Lake Batur faraway from our right. The lake view might suddenly disappears due to heavy cloud. 

I took video of the beautiful view especially for my husband who cannot join me due to busy work schedule. 

The wooden chair with tribe sculpture that resemble Alien?

Inside the restaurant is pack with peoples too! I personally prefer outdoor (if it is available)  as the air is fresh and less noisy.

The restaurant offer buffet lunch only and the price is around IDR120,000 before tax. Price range is still acceptable since it is buffet style. The restaurant has wide range of Food selections, from soup, satays (various type of grilled meat on bamboo stick), fried noodle, fried rice, fried chicken, stir fried local veggies, fruits and drinks (coffee and tea). 

The food was average - not very tasty but not bad either. Come to think about it our meals in Bali were not that delicious probably because we do not know where to hunt for famous food in Bali. We order the Jus Alpukat (Indonesia famous Avocado Milkshake with chocolate syrup down the sides of the serving glass for an extra special touch). It's yummy but it came with extra cost. Total amount we pay for the food and drinks for each person is IDR139,400 after tax and service charge. 

Mount Batur is an active volcano in Bali. Last eruption was recorded in year 2000. The mountain is 1717 meters high (5,633 ft.). The peak offers breathtaking views of Lake Batur, black lava from the last explosion, and surrounding mountains.

Many tour company would offers "Sunrise hike". Meaning you need wake up early around 4am (or even more early depends on where you live), ad hike up to the peak for sunrise lead by a mountain guide / trekking guide. The driver told us that few years ago there were tourists from Malaysia went missing after they went for trekking without trekking guide (is it true?) so it is not recomended if we don't use any mountain guide for the hiking. I would come back again for the hike with my husband in the future

40 minutes later, the whole Mount Batur is covered by cloud. 

Not sure where this road leading to if continue drives up. We leave the restaurant at around 2.30pm and heading to next destination.


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