Bali, Le Grande Pecatu

The hotel we stayed for the first 2 nights. I am here to attend my best friend's wedding! Since my husband cannot join me at this trip, I was arranged to stay with the bridesmaid in the same room. The room is very cozy with moderm bathroom! 

The bathroom is see through as there is this big glass panel between the room and bathroom. Off course there is a shower curtain to cover the glass panel if you do not wish to be see by others while taking shower or making business in the bathroom ^^. 

When we arrived it's almost 7pm. 3 hours flight (KL to Bali), spend another half and hour in Bali airport to check out at immigration & collect our luggage. There are a few counters at the Immigration, however there is only one counter operate for those who do not need visa to enter Bali! And as for those who need to pay for the Visa - there is 2 counters open for them! And those who need visa is very few only while those who don't need visa is very long queue!

After check-out, we were welcome by the van driver who will pick us to the hotel. From Bali Airport in Denpasar to hotel at Uluwatu takes about half an hour. The sky is dark and we can't really see any nice sea-view while on the way to hotel. The van is driving on a coastal road as it is winding and up and down hill alot. The first impression about Uluwatu is it is pretty rural, that is why it has a very peaceful surroundings and close to nature!

The next day morning~ the sun is bright and shine! Bali sky is so blue and weather is hot too! The hotel balcony is so cozy and looking down is the swimming pool between our block and next block. 

There are small huts in the middle of the pond where you can receive your massage here.

Beautiful morning in Bali!

The Grand Cafe where we had our breakfast! The hotel staffs were friendly and the food are nice too! Besides local Balinese food, there are western food available for the breakfast. 

The hotel is set next to a golf course. The property is so huge and it definitely need some time to explore it. 

Between each block there are ponds and plants in the middle. We spent some time to find our room after the breakfast as there is quite a number of blocks and staircases is everywhere which linked here and there. 

Anyhow we didn't really have chance to explore the premise, not even swimming or spa. After breakfast we heading back to our room to get ready for today's wedding. Wedding venue is at Tirtha Bridal / Tirtha Luhur and it's going to be a whole day event. The next day we will be check out and stay in another hotel in Kuta Beach.


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