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Bali, Mount Batur, Kintamani

Mount Batur, Kintamani
Our driver bought us to Mont Batur for lunch at Sari Restaurant. We pay IDR35,000 entrance fee at a toll gate (more to like a police / army stops) before the vehicle allow to drive up to a mountain road.

The Sari Restaurant  We arrived around 1pm. Outside the restaurants the rented car drivers were smoking or chit-chat while waiting for the tourist to have their meal. On the way up here, we spotted there are quite a numbers of restaurants with similar concept too - built at the edge of the mountain with observation deck behind the restaurant as attraction point.  

The outdoor dining area at the balcony with viewing platform that overlooks Mount Batur and Lake Batur which always fully-occupied. Those empty seats were taken actually, the diners are inside the restaurant queuing to take their food.

The view is amazingly beautiful. We were lucky to get the outdoor seat to enjoy panorama of Mount Batur mount and lake view while having our lunch. The weather was cloudy…

Bali, Sunset Dinner at Bali Cafe 21 Jimbaran, Krishna Oleh-Oleh Khas Bali, Tequila Bar, BeachWalk Shopping Mall

We are going for sunset dinner at Jimbaran. However the driver told us that the roads leading back to Kuta now would be really jammed - as it is after working hours, locals are heading homes now and also it will be packed with all the tourists with rented car heading back for sunset dinner like us.
 Yeah .. we stuck in jam at Kuta area..for about half an hour.

 The road are filled with cars and motobikes!

Spotted a nice boutique shop while stuck in a jam ~

Sunset Dinner at Bali Cafe 21, Jimbaran
We arrived before the sunset - above 6.30pm. We were lead to behind of the restaurant where tables are set along the beach, and we can have our dinner while watching sunset. However it starts drizzling when we are walk around the beach while waiting for food to be served! So we end up switch to indoor as the strong wave and strong wind with rains make it hard to dine-in at the beach.
The Sunset Dinner Our dinner is Balinese Grilled Seafood set dinner- everything is grilled / barbecue except the …

Bali, Pura Tanah Lot

After GWK and check-in to hotel and put down our luggage, our van driver bring us here to Tanah Lot. Tanah Lot is famous with the temple that sits on a large offshore rock & boast by travel agency as the best spot for sunset in Bali. However, we choose to come in the noon instead we wanted to have sunset dinner in the evening.
The gateway into Tanah Lot. The Entrance fee is Rp.30,000. The driver purchase the tickets for us and lead us to the gateway while he will be waiting for us at the parking lot. Due to the hot weather, we purchased ice-cream at the convenient mart near the entrance and it cost Rp.20,000 for a Walls Cornetto (ice-cream). 
You don’t see the beach straight away – it’s a walk through a small town with souvenier shops and restaurant side by side before you go down a stair onto a rather small beach.

Balinese women special skill, carry the goods in a big round bucket on top of their head and able to walk in fast pace + talking on the phone.

After few minutes walk, …